11 Former WWE Stars Who Have Surprisingly Normal Jobs

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, August 6, 2019
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  • Dolores J. Rush

    Dolores J. Rush

     2 hours ago

    Thor Hagen (1925-1982), aka. The Flying Viking

  • Mike Bastoni

    Mike Bastoni

     7 hours ago

    It's good to see some of the wrestlers are doing good with there life after there done

  • Thrasher209


     7 hours ago

    5:20 you absolutely butchered Rener Gracie's name xD its pronounced Hen-ner. Hes Brazilian, so you pronounce the R as if it were an H

  • Jeff Miller

    Jeff Miller


    Go pro?

  • Annette Melnychuk

    Annette Melnychuk

     2 days ago

    Hulk Hogan owns his own business

  • Scott Haight

    Scott Haight

     2 days ago

    "Kenny Chaos" was up in North Dakota working in the oilfields as a roustabout.....must still lift weights, you can see that dude's back muscles through his sweater, haha

  • XXDoubleHHXX


     2 days ago

    Why 11?

  • Jae Shuler

    Jae Shuler

     2 days ago

    Trish Stratus has her own yoga studio

  • Eightys Baby87

    Eightys Baby87

     3 days ago

    Eddy guarro Cris beniot and Owen Hart are at the cemetery. Not working. They're just dead. And there. Lol

  • steeleboy09


     4 days ago

    JR owns a BBQ restaurant in Oklahoma

  • G


     4 days ago

    I once seen sid vicious working at a truck stop

  • King O'Kings

    King O'Kings

     4 days ago

    B "squared"*

  • Potty Mouth

    Potty Mouth

     4 days ago

    The Iron Sheik is a You tube Influencer and Superstar !!!

  • Potty Mouth

    Potty Mouth

     4 days ago

    DDP is a Yoga Instructor !!!

  • Jason Barnes

    Jason Barnes

     5 days ago

    Eve,Spike,mideon and Vicky was too high on the list

  • This Guy

    This Guy

     5 days ago

    I saw Disco Inferno as a bouncer at a strip club in Vegas.

  • Michael McCain

    Michael McCain

     5 days ago

    What about Gangrel as a porn film director

  • T O

    T O

     5 days ago

    Haven’t heard the name Bam Bam Biggelo in a long time lol

  • Jason Matthews

    Jason Matthews

     6 days ago

    You forgot Randy "The Ram" works in the deli of your neighborhood grocery store.

  • CH03


     6 days ago

    Rener Gracie is pronounced "Henner" Gracie.