SHINee Jonghyun’s Final Letter, Explaining Why He Chose To End His Life

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  • Published on:  Monday, December 18, 2017
  • Jonghyun‘s close friend and artist 9 from the group Dear Cloud has released Jonghyun’s final letter.

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     a years ago +869

    This Is How Kpop stars Are Reacting To Jonghyun’s De★th

  • Ekatetina T.

    Ekatetina T.

     2 days ago

    🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 You Did Super-Well-Awesome, our dearest Angel! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Forever in our hearts!

  • Myrna Velez

    Myrna Velez

     2 days ago

    A beautiful human that gave masterpieces of him thru his heart and soul , I truly still miss him and I still listen to his songs , ❤️🌹😞

  • Melinda Domingo

    Melinda Domingo

     2 days ago +1


  • laurel


     3 days ago

    I miss Jonghyun...​

  • Emelva Hardin

    Emelva Hardin

     6 days ago +1

    I’ll see you in a better place ❤️❤️❤️

  • Ayliano Broco

    Ayliano Broco

     6 days ago

    Funny how so many of you feel baad for those that are young and beautiful. If he was ugly , you wouldnt give a shit , if he was a killer or rapist the comments would be sickening and volatile. This world is sooo fckd up

  • anjoomann


     6 days ago

    It is always HARD ! Never ever Easy !

  • Xeis Cenco

    Xeis Cenco

     7 days ago

    It's sad, he really is feeling alone even if he is around with his friends, people close to him or fans who worships him. There is a hole in his heart and no one couldn fill that in. He feels helpless despite of the blessings he received. We could say that (perhaps) he had everything he needs and yet he still feel empty, down and lost. No one could give him the attention that he needed at the time of his lose.
    I don't know exactly what his life is all about why he decided to end his life at such a young age. May be because he is on his way to reached the peak of his career but he left a void space on the way. He couldn't find the right way to fill up the gaps and he started to spiral down and drowning to the point where no one could save him anymore.
    In my opinion, sometimes those who are blessed in abundance forget to turn around and blessed the One who blessed him. Someone or somebody should have showed to him why he should cherished the fortune given to him not only by prayer but also to visit and help the less fortunate people. He should be advised to take time out and visit places where it will inspired him to cherish his life. He should have seen people who struggled to live and survive despite of their unfortunate destiny and fate.
    One time in my life, I thought of ending my miseries the same way Jonghyun did, I already obtained what I need and on my way home. While waiting for transpo, I encountered a poor man sitting in a small improvised square flat cart no limbs from lower hips down and and no hands. His wrists is fitted with rubber tube to use to push himself and his cart. He asked me for direction and I gave him what he needed. When he left, I realized this man tried to live despite of his conditions while here I am healthy and not suffering the way he does yet I thought of ending my life. This disabled man makes me strong and redirected my purpose in life. From then on, I tried to do what is beneficial to myself and to anyone in needs.

  • Lizeth Gomez

    Lizeth Gomez

     7 days ago

    I still remember that day when I found out about his death. I will always remember jonghyun. His voice and his heart ❤️

  • sijin miyuka

    sijin miyuka

     7 days ago

    The answer to that is PRAYER AND CONFESSION in the Lord please!!! Pray unceasingly!. I have been on his situation before.yes the depression was real..but really i never let go of god in those times..yes .there were times of hopelessness aand feeling lonely.but never ever lose faith to God. I suffered from that darkness for 3 years or more but i thank the lord he never let me go..this day i thank god i'am alive. Today i do not seek more on worldly fame and things.i just let god led the path for me to were my purpose in life is leading.after all life is worth living than dying with nothing..☺chose life.

  • Gacha Gal

    Gacha Gal

     7 days ago

    Young souls who pass are just angels that were too good for this earth and were sent where they’re meant to be.❤️

  • Eliza


     7 days ago

    I came here again missing him...
    Jonghyun na I miss you still.
    Rest in peace Angel.

  • Ybrmassage Dorothy

    Ybrmassage Dorothy

     7 days ago

    Why did nobody ever tell him that he worked hard and did well?? He had such talent. Fell in love with his voice without even knowing who he was. I felt this spiritual connection to him, like I knew him before, from the moment I heard his music. And one day, I’ll get to see him and tell my old friend “종현아, 잘했다”

  • the Canadian

    the Canadian

     7 days ago

    I love these lovely people. ..very moving

  • Rhed a81671011

    Rhed a81671011

     7 days ago

    Depression is not joke , you cant understand them if you don’t experience it from someone who knew that had that mental illness , they had mood swings , emptiness, weak and sensitive feelings ... yes all of us had that too but for us normal people we can handle it but from people who had depression has 100x or 1000x more that feeling .. even you told them that its ok you can do it just pray but no its not like that they cant even understand themselves too they cant explain it why .. they are so sensitive in everything they hear or see if the depression hit them .. sometimes they are ok sometimes they are not.. they need love, understanding and of course a very good psychiatrist they need their maintenance pills to balance their moods and a pill to make them sleep in regular time .. i knew all of this bec a person who is very dear to me had this... also they are suicidal too bec they can not take it anymore so they really really need help and monitoring fr their family

  • Odehyeba Pokua Ruby

    Odehyeba Pokua Ruby

     7 days ago

    Is suicide the last option in life??l think is selfish to do that, what about those you leave behind, parents, friends, all the love one??

  • Zahara S

    Zahara S

     7 days ago

    At this moment all I could do is think about GD and I swear he better not let’s himself go down this road . He is my Idol & I will not forgive him .He must take care of himself first and asks for help .

  • Zahara S

    Zahara S

     7 days ago +1

    I swear I think you’re sending this to me

  • Roland D

    Roland D

     7 days ago +1

    Someone please tell what the music is thanks