Student Debt in the U.S. Reaches an All-Time High | The Daily Show

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  • Published on:  Thursday, July 25, 2019
  • Student debt has reached an all-time high in the U.S., and it’s not just millennials who are struggling.

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  • mike cornew

    mike cornew

     10 hours ago

    But they got to have that iPhone and eat out every night

  • Cole Mair

    Cole Mair

     22 hours ago

    Maybe don't get a useless degree. Then you can actually pay them back.

  • Sandra Arkorful-Chestnut

    Sandra Arkorful-Chestnut


    Tuition are high because less people are going to college so they have to make up the difference to run these institutions. Schools starts out with a class of 500 new students and end up with about 75 at the start of the new semester. Some people pay all that money to go to college only to major in studies that are not income earning. Like Linguistics, Philosophy, etc. What is sad is that most of the high interest bearing loans are government loans. That is why they can get you like the IRS. SMDH

  • ArticHowl



    This is why most people join the military

  • Kirill



    The essential problem is that the value of education in the US does not cost that price.

    The truth is that some courses and certification programs are cheaper and more efficient than traditional university 4year program.
    There is no sense in learning something 4 years in a row. First - on the last year you will forget what you've learned in the first year. And second - technologies are evolving so fast that the knowledge may have been outdated by the time you graduate.

    Of course it depends, for example for doctors you have to learn hard all years, it's a serious thing.

  • Sikyu 4977

    Sikyu 4977


    you went broke cause you chose to sign a contract with a private institution, for a degree that is not on demand on the market
    ...and you blame republicans for it

  • amrit hehar

    amrit hehar

     2 days ago

    Healthcare and student loan debts are getting worse every year

  • ismail azad

    ismail azad

     2 days ago

    College educations in public universities of poor countries are free but in USA is a lifetime expense

  • Petrine Gordon

    Petrine Gordon

     3 days ago +1

    As a student this is the stuff I care about. Any candidate who doesn't have a real plan to address tuition issues will not be getting my vote come 2020.

  • Mark Armage

    Mark Armage

     3 days ago

    Sorry, but if idiots take loans that they can't pay, why is it anybody's concern? They spent the money already. Why isn't any of these comments typist paying for anybody's loans?
    Tax are people's labour, don't waste it just because none of you pay taxes, idiot.

  • Tiffany N

    Tiffany N

     4 days ago

    #berniesanders2020 #nomiddleground

  • Caitlyn Damme

    Caitlyn Damme

     4 days ago

    When I became disabled, I gave up on paying the loans. I won't be able to pay them off before I die anyway. We put what money my wife earns to surviving. We had to move in with my mom. We pay rent cause she is in debt too. My grandparents on my mom's side were well off. But there isn't any inheritance left cause my mom used it to keep me alive. She could have been out of debt if she didn't have to help me. And our health system is crap. Took years just to stop the seizures cause we had to jump through insurance hoops and my doctor couldn't get me properly treated till we made insurance happy. Even now I'm still not diagnosed. I can't work. I can barely walk some days. The greed of the top has a system designed to suck as much as they can out of us. And for anyone that says "Not me", don't worry. Once their done with us, your next. That's how it goes in a distopia like the US.

  • Shaquanna Epps

    Shaquanna Epps

     6 days ago

    However, I would watch that show. So relatable.

  • EXOL For Life

    EXOL For Life

     6 days ago +5

    Well, I’m happy living in the Philippines because Universities here are free and provides quality education. ❤️

  • Val- Vals

    Val- Vals

     6 days ago

    Meanwhile Russians live with their families sometimes until 40 like my mom and I I grew up with my grandmother . But that’s mostly bc of poverty lmao

  • Val- Vals

    Val- Vals

     6 days ago

    I’d watch that...

  • John A. Calderon

    John A. Calderon

     7 days ago +1

    Well, i go to community college and have ZERO Loan debt. There are ways to save money and still get a college degree. You just have to spend less and work harder. Get scholarships, because loans are never free.

  • David Israel

    David Israel

     7 days ago

    Tell the government to pay their debt then and stop trying to write it off on promissors. That sad young man doesn't even know he is not allowed to touch money, just private commercial debt paper HJR 192 read it.

  • Slowbro


     7 days ago

    Nothing is gonna happen until eventually enough people stop going to college. Until it hurts them they wont give a damn how much in debt everyone is, or how bad their life has become.

  • Michele Rene

    Michele Rene

     7 days ago

    The problem is we sell our kids the lie that a college degree opens doors and leads to higher wages. For some that's true but for most especially the poorest it's a lie. They are better off joining the military or working their way up the ladder at a low wage job. For example, a person working a entry level low end job for five yrs and slowly over that time moving up to manager will make the same as a recent college grad. But we don't tell kids that and we don't tell them that a six month technical degree can earn them as much as a recent college grad. What teacher's in public school are told to do is tell the students that a college degree opens doors to a better life. That a college degree makes all your wishes come true. We don't tell them the nasty things that happen if they can't get a job right out of college. We don't explain that outstanding student loans can cost you everything you worked so hard for. We don't explain how disreputable some of these loan companies are. In short we neglect to tell these young people the truth.