Night School - Movie Review

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, September 26, 2018
  • A comedy about an adult that has to go back to High School that's not Billy Madison. Here's my review of NIGHT SCHOOL!
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  • Critical Nobody

     9 months ago

    I miss when Jeremy used to cover Joaquin Phoenix Joker news. He should really go back to that

  • ODC Art

     8 months ago

    Shut ur racist ass up why becuase he reviewing a black flick

  • Roze89

     9 months ago


  • tropicAces

     9 months ago

    “This movie didn’t do Kevin Hart any favors”Which is ironic, since he wrote and produced it...

  • dustin M.W

     8 months ago

    It didn't do so well for him. Rotten tomatoes and audience score were laughable. I saw this movie for myself and it was fucking trash. Don't get me wrong, I love Kevin Hart but this wasn't a good movie. Unoriginal cash grab with lame jokes, lame scenes, just lame in general.

  • marc belo

     8 months ago

    @tropicAces wtf

  • Lawrence Stevens

     9 months ago

    Kevin Hart seems like he can only make jokes about his skin colour and height

  • Mr. Jaywalker

     6 months ago

    Travis_Redfern This isn't even exclusive to Kevin Hart. There are plenty of comedians whose standup material is better than the movies they star in. I don't know if you noticed, but good American comedies aren't exactly flooding the market

  • Keytron Onit

     8 months ago

    His stand ups are more than that.

  • Alexander Estrella

     9 months ago

    3:25 when he talks about editing... he's actually saying fu--- awkward

  • McCall Carlson

     7 months ago


  • Gladys Rose

     8 months ago

    Lmao duh it was intentional. Gotta love him

  • PapaToks

     9 months ago

    Spider-man PS4 review, Jeremy. Still waiting.

  • Brandon Cambambia

     8 months ago

    He already did it

  • Erik Nagasaki

     8 months ago

    It was better than the Arkham games

  • PhantomX Destiny

     9 months ago

    @3:25 very subtle

  • Ankul Upreti

     2 months ago

    Ha. Gotti!!

  • jamesmallone

     3 months ago

    @Vic atNyte I remembered Jeremy did a very similar gag in his review of Taken 3. Where he mocks it being edited for PG-13 by saying "Yeah well screw you." with "fuck" swapped out for "screw".

  • Chords Q

     9 months ago

    I was just looking at his mouth the whole time right after he said the issue with lip sync

  • Kairi1416

     9 months ago

    Same. It felt like the obvious kind of joke he would make. Have we been watching him too much?

  • darksideofevil13

     9 months ago


  • Kevin Harris

     9 months ago

    Katt Williams said it best. They are not funny.

  • TheLastCovenant

     8 months ago

    They some sellouts

  • Sun-of-Irus

     8 months ago

    @The Moral Compass Everybody ....... they're booth really funny (Seinfeld and Williams)

  • tnbadboy

     9 months ago

    Kevin Hart still doesn't have a classic film like Eddie Murphy or Martin Lawrence

  • Skarlet Brown

     6 months ago

    Or Dave Chappelle or Mike Epps or Katt Williams or Bernie Mac or Jamie Foxx or Chris Tucker or Richard Pryer Cedric the entertainer or Chris Rock

  • Nate W

     8 months ago

    I don't know. Soul Plane was kind of funny

  • bouzak

     9 months ago

    I see what you did there. 😏

  • H. Gabriel

     4 months ago

    what happened?

  • Justin Lush

     9 months ago

    I'm not sure I can watch his reviews going forward, without focusing on the audio sync now. That's going to make it really (really) awkward.