Night School - Movie Review

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, September 26, 2018
  • A comedy about an adult that has to go back to High School that's not Billy Madison. Here's my review of NIGHT SCHOOL!
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  • hulk fan

    hulk fan

     1 months ago

    The vomit scene completely ruined the movie and Rob Riggle for me. Why'd he stoop so low. He's better than that

  • Pisces Guy JF

    Pisces Guy JF

     1 months ago

    I loved this movie you're delusional

  • Stranded Alien

    Stranded Alien

     2 months ago

    If someone gave me the script I'd know it wouldn't work, the execution is even worse. Definitely in the top 5 worst comedies ever made. Watched it free online out of sheer curiosity to see how bad writing can get.

  • The Saiyan Gaming Knight 16

    The Saiyan Gaming Knight 16

     3 months ago

    I loved It

  • Dylan Ball

    Dylan Ball

     4 months ago

    Mine is billy Madison

  • Dylan Ball

    Dylan Ball

     4 months ago

    Night school is corny and childish

  • Swavey too Wavy

    Swavey too Wavy

     6 months ago

    Y’all talking about how it’s not funny it’s funny enough and the main point is second chances and it’s people out there who loves you for who you are..

  • Onyeka Obilo

    Onyeka Obilo

     6 months ago

    3:25 really "really" awkward

  • Joshua Boyd

    Joshua Boyd

     6 months ago


  • 11602009


     7 months ago

    Wow I am glad I don't live in states can't believe it so painful totally disagree who cares the movie was good funny it did wha it was suppose to do how did people like this review my man get a job I mean a proper job copy cats I feel so sorry for black people in America dark ages stuck in sixties

  • bumbo c:

    bumbo c:

     7 months ago

    this review was too positive

  • Catalan Don

    Catalan Don

     7 months ago

    I loved it

  • GamerLjvesMatter [Make Gamerica Great Again]

    GamerLjvesMatter [Make Gamerica Great Again]

     7 months ago

    It goes to show why it wasn't that funny. Kevin wrote it.

  • Abel Mantor

    Abel Mantor

     8 months ago

    I love Kevin Hart, but it feels like he's always playing the same character over & over.

  • Pinkiepool GamerBrony27

    Pinkiepool GamerBrony27

     8 months ago

    this movie of Night School sounds boring plus I'd never found Kevin Hart to be all that Funny

  • Maico Coronado

    Maico Coronado

     8 months ago

    This movie was fucking trash🖕

  • Russ Rogers

    Russ Rogers

     8 months ago

    Eff u this movies great! 😠😠😠

  • Mark Spate

    Mark Spate

     8 months ago

    So he just likes any movie that comes out

  • Jordan Harrington

    Jordan Harrington

     8 months ago

    His stand up is amazing (to me) Acting is another story. I like Tiffany in this tho

  • isaac Thao

    isaac Thao

     8 months ago

    I dont think the movie was memorable but i thought it was pretty funny throughout the whole thing