4th Dimension Science Experiments

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 31, 2018
  • This video was kind of a terrible mistake but I hope you enjoy it anyway.

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  • Lydia W.

    Lydia W.

     2 hours ago

    This kind of video is so, so good. You really shine here, it's wonderful

  • gelatnis


     14 hours ago

    Flower Power!

  • the other Anna

    the other Anna

     5 days ago

    when he said 'chromagram instead of chro'matagram

  • Bringer of Death

    Bringer of Death

     7 days ago

    I've literally done some of these in high school

  • Swaggy G

    Swaggy G

     14 days ago

    “Think of Chromatography as a race” ...lmao k I’ll get right on that

  • Wako Doodle

    Wako Doodle

     14 days ago

    Speaking of Static, I wonder how he's doing? It's been 4 years since I left animal crossing in the people's hands.

    Hope he's okay....

  • Rail Fanning

    Rail Fanning

     14 days ago

    Wow $3 worth of materials

  • Junkman


     21 days ago

    Sometimes the scientist sounds like the voice actor from Pokemon Snap. I wish there were a way to know if it's the same person but sadly there isn't.

  • gurvmlk


     21 days ago

    I feel like the volcano experiment had less to do with science, and more to do with just overflowing the crater with vinegar.

  • tubeie07


     21 days ago

    I laughed out load MANY times in this video - that's an A+ for me!

  • FantomLightning


     21 days ago

    sees Apple Watch face Not sure if Ian is an ally oooorrrrrr.....

  • FantomLightning


     21 days ago

    Alternate title: Ian fucking up his long ass hair for nearly 29 minutes.

  • Grimm Wald

    Grimm Wald

     28 days ago

    I have the same lamp.

  • Strawman Fallacy

    Strawman Fallacy

     1 months ago

    Man you look so much better with facial hair... And head hair.... And.... Hair.

  • That Gamer For Money

    That Gamer For Money

     1 months ago

    Should've just got that MEL science sponsorship

  • Spencer Williams

    Spencer Williams

     1 months ago

    At least you can use your "4D Science Experiments" headset to watch 3D porn now.

  • Spencer Williams

    Spencer Williams

     1 months ago

    Ah, the baking soda and vinegar volcano. The most enduring yet pointless science "demonstration".

  • Jordan Pierce

    Jordan Pierce

     1 months ago

    Is that a of mice & men tattoo?

  • zoobify112


     1 months ago

    Ok I know this is like a year late, but this is like one of the best videos ive seen in recent memory lmao

  • NoEsUnYoutuber


     1 months ago

    I love how Brutalmoose went from just being a Normalboots/Hidden Block style game reviews channel to just whatever the fuck weirdness.