7 Day Vegan Challenge Baby (solves all your problems)

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  • Published on:  Saturday, June 18, 2016
  • I didn't really talk about this in the video, but you guys should go vegan! (for a week) Just to see what all the hypes about. come on, do it. Supposedly, veganism does do wonders on the body like clearer skin. Have you ever seen a vegan with gross skin? (I haven't)

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  • Megan and Brad

    Megan and Brad

     7 minutes ago

    Bro your cereal had milk

  • Jedi


     26 minutes ago

    I love hot pockets

  • Panda_XD


     an hour ago


  • Noah Weeks

    Noah Weeks

     an hour ago

    U should tell her to do the non-vegetarian challenge

  • T-Tactictical


     an hour ago +1

    He ate the serial with milk, vegans don't drink milk!

  • Canta mango

    Canta mango

     an hour ago

    That is so mean that you said that veigie bugers are disgusting i am effended :(



     2 hours ago

    4:37 lmao that guy with the giant veins is my big brother's friend. I don't know why, but I just recognized him.

  • Tegsters 7

    Tegsters 7

     2 hours ago +2

    I eat hot pockets...

  • Andrew Yerian

    Andrew Yerian

     3 hours ago +1

    The hate towards vegans and vegetarians is completely unnecessary. It's not always about animal welfare. Some are allergic to meat. Others just don't like the taste or smell of it. Others just want a healthier lifestyle. Nothing wrong with any of that

  • Tegan Ganczewski

    Tegan Ganczewski

     3 hours ago

    0:07 bastion is always there

  • Zoes Dada

    Zoes Dada

     3 hours ago

    I'll try this if you'll try the "seven day meat challenge".

    Edit: vegans are worse than the internet makes them out to be.

  • Kasandra Tinajero

    Kasandra Tinajero

     3 hours ago

    Cool yo

  • Chuck Burton

    Chuck Burton

     4 hours ago

    AwesomeVideo keep up the great work

  • Landon Bonomini

    Landon Bonomini

     4 hours ago

    the bread with the honey isn’t vegan anything that involves animals like that also isn’t like cheese milk eggs and no meat

  • It’s Bensters

    It’s Bensters

     6 hours ago


  • Lpsbarbie Beanie

    Lpsbarbie Beanie

     7 hours ago


  • TheMinionMee GT

    TheMinionMee GT

     7 hours ago

    Honestly, im not a vegan but..

    I just realised i already eat 90% vegan.

  • noahlemonman


     7 hours ago

    actually milk isn't vegan

  • Eszter Tóth

    Eszter Tóth

     7 hours ago

    You have really hairy arms, dude. :I

  • ItzXaiver Penn YT

    ItzXaiver Penn YT

     7 hours ago +1

    I love guava juice