Leslie Jones On Silencing Comedians, Emmy Nomination For 'SNL' | The View

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 30, 2018
  • Source: https://youtu.be/kLjJD2WH5GQ


  • Coco H

    Coco H

     5 days ago

    Laughter is the best medicine!! I LOVE TO LAUGH. So bring it on... 😂

  • Denise Spurlock

    Denise Spurlock

     5 days ago

    I go back and watch those old Dean Martin Roasts and I cannot believe what was said back then. I thought it was funny but there is no way that would be on air today.

  • Denise Spurlock

    Denise Spurlock

     5 days ago

    I have always loved Leslie. What about Roseanne's comedy?

  • mariachi mariachi

    mariachi mariachi

     5 days ago

    Love her. Amazing woman and a beautiful soul! :

  • Charles Jeffery

    Charles Jeffery

     14 days ago

    A black and white game board I thought Checkers would be yellow and black but a black and white shirt? maybe I'm missing something? Seriously its been years, is the checkers board B&W, or B&R?

  • msrautten


     21 days ago

    so its not okay to go back 10 plus years and judge comedians but it's okay to do it to donald trump?

  • Jennifer Hall

    Jennifer Hall

     28 days ago +1

    Truth Leslie

  • A *

    A *

     1 months ago

    People are too brainwashed to laugh tho. Everyones uptight and sensitive these days.

  • Erikka Juvonen

    Erikka Juvonen

     1 months ago +1

    Laugher is the best medicine..

  • people person

    people person

     1 months ago

    YOU hear that megan 🙄

  • Sassy Green

    Sassy Green

     1 months ago +1

    Omg like her hair be done better on snl. Oh well she like it I love it. Still SUPER GREAT WOMEN.

  • Andre Savastano

    Andre Savastano

     1 months ago

    Love you Leslie

  • Olivia Marie

    Olivia Marie

     2 months ago +3

    Leslie needs to be on every day to yell at Meghan to “LAUUUGGGH” 😂😂😂

  • Sasha Thumper

    Sasha Thumper

     3 months ago

    I love Whoopi and Leslie!!!

  • Fredy Rojas

    Fredy Rojas

     3 months ago

    I miss the inappropriate days !

  • What !

    What !

     3 months ago

    How adorable is Sunny and her nonstop laughter 😍❤️😍

  • Jay Young

    Jay Young

     3 months ago

    So true Leslie, laughter is medicine to the soul. You'll forget your troubles. Love Leslie 💖

  • Kurstin Blue

    Kurstin Blue

     3 months ago

    She’s a modern-day Oprah and needs her own show!!!

  • Portia Monique

    Portia Monique

     3 months ago +24

    Wow! She's 50 here but looks 35! Such a brilliant and beautiful woman!

  • Pam Griffin

    Pam Griffin

     3 months ago

    Leslie, I have to disagree...after coming home from the hospital with a c-section and watching my husband put on his shirt thinking it was his pants, with a hole in the crotch and way too much around the waist, and I can't laugh....but the sounds that came out of my mouth were unrecognizable