Wife spends a million won per month on convenience store food. [Hello Counselor / 2017.08.14]

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  • Published on:  Monday, August 14, 2017
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  • Agust D

    Agust D

     2 years ago +2057

    bruv i just wanna smack the scowl off of his face, your wife gaining weight isn't a reason to verbally abuse her on the regular

  • O! RU, L82?

    O! RU, L82?

     2 years ago +4284

    Man he has a bad attitude in general. If you married her for the body only, sorry to tell you people change...especially if you dont love her for the right reasons.

  • Laura Galvis

    Laura Galvis

     a years ago +769

    She’s suffering from a binging eating disorder. No one eats 5 tubs of ice cream simply for fun. I bet she partially forces herself to finish it all to alleviate stress. Her husband calling her a pig isn’t helping anyone, and he’s probably contributing to her eating disorder. She looks all bubbly, but I know inside she must feel some self-hate for not being able to go back to her past looks.
    I hope she lives a happy life nonetheless.

  • Back To Village Life

    Back To Village Life

     2 years ago +2737

    you know what lady,leave him.
    divorce him and then slowly try to exercise more,lose some weight on your own way.
    find someone who could love you the way you are.

  • BTS Wifeu

    BTS Wifeu

     2 years ago +1312

    Then that's not love bruh

  • Cecil Momo

    Cecil Momo

     2 years ago +2284

    He should kindly ask her to work out together and helping control her diet, but the husband just only know how to complain and embarassed his wife in front of public, shame.. Each person also have their way to be able to manage their weight, some find it in caring way, some have to be scolded. If she is stressed out with the husband complaining, she will gain more weight instead of losing it. And it just no no for me when he said that he married the wife mostly because of looks -.- you arent so handsome yourself sir!

  • Nyuurix


     2 years ago +2609

    It's a little bit sad that they laugh at her how much she eat. And the reason "why he married her". And I bet, even when she laughs about it. I would say deep inside she is hurt. She is still a pretty woman!
    Thanks for your videos & english subtitles!
    (It's just my opinion. And sorry for my horrible english!)

  • Kiki Zia

    Kiki Zia

     2 years ago +1591

    Overeating = stress. Before you complain about your wife, better you think by yourself what turns her like that.
    And I would like to punch everyone who laugh at how much she eats. Just because she eats more doesn't mean she deserve to be laugh at.

  • cxrmxn 98

    cxrmxn 98

     a years ago +555

    "then go date a skinny girl" exactly. He only likes people for their figure anyway and he's so goddamn loud about it. I would argue she isn't healthy from all her physical pains but part from that, it's her body and she doesn't need to slim down to impress him, if she wants to lose weight, it should be for herself.

  • ValierMary


     2 years ago +595

    Honestly if she suddenly started eating like that it means she is unhappy. Overeating is just as much a psychological disease as anorexia

  • K Poop

    K Poop

     2 years ago +770

    This man is the reason why many suffer from mental illnesses and anorexias rates have risen at a steady incline within Asia. Stereotypically the image of the female is freaking ridiculous and people are expected to not have any mental illnesses. If the guy had said he's concerned for her weight rather than his lust infested mind, I would've understood

  • Jasmine He

    Jasmine He

     2 years ago +580

    This man is just horrible. If her nice physique is 90% the reason he's attracted to her, they should just get a divorce. Especially because he doesn't truly love her. Love in my eyes is seeing beautiful even through ones flaws.this marriage is extremely unhealthy. He doesn't encourage her to lose weight because it life threatening. He's does it because he doesn't like that she's fat. That is so sad.

  • Ariska Raihan

    Ariska Raihan

     2 years ago +365

    damn i have lost respect for this worry from the very start. he married her bcs of her body? and feel deceived as she has gained weight? boy you had a wrong reason to begin with. it's like blaming the road for getting lost yourself

  • W K

    W K

     2 years ago +449

    Seriously this man shouldn't even appear on tv...he talk abt his wife like a product he buys and it turns out bad...I can't believe this is even considered a concern...he should talk with his wife privately instead of appearing in the public and making women feel bad for putting up weight...its normal

  • reginaa


     2 years ago +526

    He makes me so mad. Can't believe how rude and narrow minded he is.

  • Jimin’s Favourite Mochi

    Jimin’s Favourite Mochi

     2 years ago +227

    Unbelievable. Marrying her just because the reason is 80-90% about her figure? That's not true love at all. I can't even imagine just how heartbroken she must've felt when she heard her husband married her for her figure and not what's inside her heart. She deserves someone better who can relieve her stress and makes her happy. I just feel so sad for her, i want to give her a hug 😞

  • Ami Kyuu

    Ami Kyuu

     a years ago +290

    *I'd understand if he was worried more about her health, but he is complaining only about her appearence. It makes me question if he married her because he loves her?

  • TheNoirTrap


     2 years ago +415

    Its logic--- he married her mostly for her body. When that body is gone, the reason and motivation for marriage is gone. Men are very visual, unfortunately. The wife is also overeating probably because of stress after withdrawal of the husband's affections. Its on scientific basis, compensation of some sorts.
    I reallu hope they sort this out, especially since they have a son

  • CWHarmonia98 98

    CWHarmonia98 98

     2 years ago +289

    So you want her to loose weight to get back her sexy figure not cuz you care ab her health 🔪🔪🔪

  • Elrumisa


     2 years ago +65

    Married a women 80-90% because of her body shape!! Am I the only one who thinks that way of thinking is really twisted? 😐 Her overeating is a concern yes, but his way of thinking is also a concern!!