Diving through IMPOSSIBLE Shapes into a Pool!! *DONT BELLY FLOP*

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, April 9, 2019
  • Don't belly flop while trying to dive into impossible shapes!! Funny summer challenge!!

    Trap Door Bridge over Pool Challenge:


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  • Source: https://youtu.be/kU__w2Snm8I


  • Joel Nystrand

    Joel Nystrand

     6 hours ago

    Dangie bro how was your day

  • MaddieJF


     2 days ago

    Is it jus me or they bringing back stuff from when they still lived in their old house and when it was only Chris and Jeff

  • Ayela Aslam

    Ayela Aslam

     3 days ago

    Imma download this vid

  • Ayela Aslam

    Ayela Aslam

     3 days ago

    Jeff:Chris I’m gettin wrinkles waiting for u

  • Nubzmaster 27

    Nubzmaster 27

     6 days ago

    Don’t bellyflop
    Jeff: Ok I’ll back flop instead

  • Shadow Bullett

    Shadow Bullett

     7 days ago

    Do u watch any anime besides naruto

  • Hinata Hyūga

    Hinata Hyūga

     7 days ago

    Yo Chris is triggering me with that naruto pose

  • Rayna L

    Rayna L

     7 days ago +1

    No matter what year or second

    They will be still nubby

  • Riley Carter

    Riley Carter

     14 days ago

    Speaking of Naruto I can do a Hinata voice

  • Kittengamer Kittengamer

    Kittengamer Kittengamer

     14 days ago +1

    The ants went on just to be famous

  • Jem Pike

    Jem Pike

     14 days ago

    Toothpaste worked for ants

  • Boru and Hima

    Boru and Hima

     14 days ago

    Narutoooo xd

  • Maxed Out

    Maxed Out

     21 days ago

    Who even likes your funniness

  • Paige Nelson

    Paige Nelson

     28 days ago

    Jeff is so cute

  • Rachel Pollock

    Rachel Pollock

     28 days ago

    If you Think one of the guys should’ve got that last one hit that like button

  • Moksh Tunara

    Moksh Tunara

     1 months ago

    i love jeff

  • Kodiak Reiniche Gaming

    Kodiak Reiniche Gaming

     1 months ago

    All your jumps were nubby but awesome nubby jumps

  • Kodiak Reiniche Gaming

    Kodiak Reiniche Gaming

     1 months ago

    Funny fart sound at 1:56

  • Md. Moktadir Hossain Mridha

    Md. Moktadir Hossain Mridha

     1 months ago

    I love your chanel, you guys are awsome😀😀

  • Charry Anne Falco

    Charry Anne Falco

     1 months ago