Time Travel Magic

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, December 11, 2018
  • The Watch: https://nobodyknows.us/

    Hey Guys, Today I wanted to chat about my favorite plot in magic. Time Travel. In this video I also demonstrate one of my favorite releases in the magic industry to date. A watch that allows you to perform really strong magic. What's your favorite plot in Magic?

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/kawQDbUfg5w


  • Caleb Carl

    Caleb Carl

     a years ago +219

    You got my mail, that’s pretty sick😂 also that paper is from one of my great grandpas notebooks so that’s kinda ironic with the time travel theme ! Thanks Chris your awesome

  • N.Jones Protilius Productions.

    N.Jones Protilius Productions.

     1 months ago

    Heh Chris, what do you know about a time traveling wizard that brings people to a mountaintop surrounded by a storm?

  • Magician Aditya

    Magician Aditya

     2 months ago

    Really nice video!! My question is what is the difference between this Watch and The watch by joao morinda ?

  • Geoffrey Urch

    Geoffrey Urch

     7 months ago

    Hi Chris, Nice Video, Did you have an accomplice for this trick ?

  • J B

    J B

     7 months ago

    Can you use the watch as a normel watch?

  • Cole Privett

    Cole Privett

     8 months ago

    Sorry im late let me have a lecture lol

  • Diablo The Card Master

    Diablo The Card Master

     9 months ago

    Each watch on the website costs around 400 dollars 🤔

  • kebmo3108


     9 months ago

    To be honest: I found this effect one of the weakest I saw on your channel,.... Maybe there are other routines you can do with the watch but this , really ...? ;-)

  • imgirl university

    imgirl university

     10 months ago

    His hair is blonde😮

  • Kasi Vishwanath

    Kasi Vishwanath

     10 months ago

    My favourite polt is ink manipulation... it's just unbelievable that you won't believe it but just believable that you may doubt it... sick isn't it...

  • Gavin Richardson

    Gavin Richardson

     10 months ago

    Especially busy this time of year I got lucky (no one to be seen anywhere)

  • bsw051


     11 months ago

    Time travel to the future is possible. They technically know how to do it. We don't have the technology to but it's possible

  • Jonas


     11 months ago

    Please!! I am going mad.. ! Does anyone know the song at 3:15??
    Love your videos and your beard :D

  • Andy Wong

    Andy Wong

     a years ago


  • 10 hour Lumpi

    10 hour Lumpi

     a years ago

    Jo Chris, nice channel and great work you did in the past years! But please stop givin so much hints away to muggles. You´ve linked the watch and stuff like that in the past, but your channel is full of people who are even not into magic at all.

  • Butch


     a years ago

    Chris, there's no more watches man. All sold out

  • Mozex


     a years ago

    It does not spark me at all since I read in the comments it costs 350 dollar? I am truly sorry but I know of a watch which seems to be able to do the exact same thing but only costs 150€. I do not know how this watch works but unless this is a really smart watch which can recognize voice and because of that can turn itself on the right time I am not really sparked about it. Like I said, there is a 150€ watch which can do the exact same and which I am almost certain of, operates in the same way... So I do not understand why you are making a video about this watch which is two times as expensive. I do not understand why you act like you never seen anything like this before? You seem to be a big magician and I still need to buy my first trick after stopped doing magic for 7 years. So yeah I am a fool on the level of secrets and stuff. But you, you should know there is already an existing, cheaper version of this watch which will do the same. If you know which watch I am talking about (I aint gonna share it lol) then maybe you can contact me, I do not know if YouTube has that option, and please let me know why this watch is different then the one I speak of. I do not need to know its secret I only need to know that the secret of the cheaper watch is not the same as this one. I know the secret of the cheaper watch because it shows in the trailer video lol. So yeah...

  • Mozex


     a years ago

    @Chris Ramsay: if you like time travel then just visit old YouTube videos and BAM, you are in the past.

  • Merxellus Gogou

    Merxellus Gogou

     a years ago

    Ur video editings n quality are professionals..one of the many reasons i love yur videos

  • TheNicko773


     a years ago

    Love it.   And love your friend has the PDC darts on the TV on the wall.  Keegan Brown throwing in the pink shirt.