Cops And Ex-Felons Seek To Find Common Ground

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  • Published on:  Sunday, December 17, 2017
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    Police officers and ex-felons came together to see if they could understand each other. Participants included retired law enforcement officers and people who have served over 10 years in prison. SUBSCRIBE for more! 👉 👈

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  • aaron


     6 hours ago

    reason why we dont call the cops is because its called “snitching” and snitching gets you killed.🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Leahs Vlogs

    Leahs Vlogs

     7 hours ago

    I like how most of the comments are why the “black guy” is doing this or that. Why just “black guy” , does he not have a name. Time doesn’t say what happened while you get arrested. African Americans go through stuff when they get arrested and it’s not all on camera. I will debate about this.

  • Will Thorn

    Will Thorn

     9 hours ago

    "I sold a lot of drugs. I grew up without a family." Look at you playing the victim, poor you. Make better decisions, you don't need a family for that.

  • Dann JraD

    Dann JraD

     11 hours ago

    The black dude who holds a grudge against cops plays the race card and I don' appreciate it as much compared to if he were to have started off somewhere more productive.

  • Bitchass Headass

    Bitchass Headass

     15 hours ago

    Y was the flat earth one more chaotic

  • Killer456912


     15 hours ago

    The black guy is not open minded thus won’t change. Annoying tbh.

  • Tameara Harris

    Tameara Harris

     15 hours ago

    I always say the law is a "game"

  • Wayne Gordon

    Wayne Gordon

     16 hours ago

    Dialogue and understanding of unbiased consideration is a start to clear transparency.

  • Carl le Pauvre

    Carl le Pauvre

     18 hours ago +1

    Sounds like Timothy needs another 3 years in prison

  • master chief heros never die

    master chief heros never die

     19 hours ago

    Don't do the crime if you can't pay the time

  • alex gerling

    alex gerling

     19 hours ago

    I think it's the same in the UK, policy needs to be evaluated and corrected, an issue in America from a basic understanding is reaching crime rate stats objectives and profiteering like they do in private prisons, in the UK crime stats are an issue and many officers on both sides of the pond I believe know that to get those stats you persecute impoverished areas. As well the gentleman that mentioned who is defending you because of your budget is a negative effect, appointed defense should be able to have the funding and knowledge available to create equal trials and in effect bring about a fare sentence and rehabilitation. Its more complex than this I know and most definatley the systems and structures need to be changed with a positive but safe focus... I'd love to have debates and conversations with people about this rather then a message on YouTube

  • JK Stewart

    JK Stewart

     19 hours ago

    I heard absolutely NOTHING from either side. Both sides just rally around lame ass dull talking points.

  • DylanTheSmylan


     21 hours ago

    Ping is my man lol. On point.

  • police1184




  • Samantha Speas

    Samantha Speas



  • babaz771



    Robert kiyosaki was really quiet!

  • kitty


     yesterday +2

    i wish there was a better black voice , dude could’ve articulated so much better if he didn’t let his anger and hatred get in the way

  • FireStyle



    It's been proven that statistically more white people are killed every year than black people by cops, it's just people don't care as much when white people die so they cover news stories about black related shootings.

  • Renni



    Timothy clearly doesn't understand the point of this. "I dont know who you are" then why are you yelling at him like hes every cop you find on the news

    Edit: after the first couple of points he calmed down and had really nice points. The system is decent, definitely not perfect, but the people running, democrat or Republican idgaf theyre all corrupt are the problem

  • joey phillips

    joey phillips

     yesterday +1

    "it shouldn't be a game." Then you shouldn't have committed the crime