Cardi B - Ring (feat. Kehlani) [Official Video]

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  • Published on:  Monday, August 20, 2018
  • Cardi B - Ring (feat. Kehlani) [from Cardi B's Debut Album Invasion of Privacy]

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    Director: Mike Ho
    Video Commissioner: Emmanuelle Cuny
    Executive Producer: Leslie Terrero
    Associate Director, Video Administration: Lily F Thrall
    Assistant, Video Production: Trevor Joseph Newton

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  • renee 123

    renee 123

     54 minutes ago

    Real songπŸ‘β€β€

  • ოყოıყ რყრıყ

    ოყოıყ რყრıყ

     an hour ago

    Put 1,25 it's really good

  • Shadowz Rulez

    Shadowz Rulez

     2 hours ago

    Who tf is kehlani

  • Lily Laura

    Lily Laura

     4 hours ago

    1:31 - 1:35 Never heard Voice from Cardi 😍😍😍.

  • Solomon Caison

    Solomon Caison

     4 hours ago

    I thought that was dej loaf

  • Nakita Stewart

    Nakita Stewart

     4 hours ago

    Yaaaaa she πŸ‘

  • Celina Almanza

    Celina Almanza

     4 hours ago

    The thumbnail looks like the two stages of high.

  • Andrew Brown

    Andrew Brown

     5 hours ago

    # FreeRKELLY

  • Filthy Frank

    Filthy Frank

     6 hours ago

    what's the number again?

  • Sara Vartak

    Sara Vartak

     8 hours ago +2

    Does anybody else hear another voice in the background?

  • Ahmed&Snow ShafiqAlAir

    Ahmed&Snow ShafiqAlAir

     9 hours ago

    Wolf's HCM liking me is gone this is my mother than anything constancy awful for you and then pick me up or I know everything about you still get some shoes if you like right now anytime you keep a capitulation. Remind Irene Swanson believe in like you so very very much and whatever you like very well if you like it with me I like your sense of humor

  • TR1 PP3R

    TR1 PP3R

     9 hours ago +1

    We dont want to seem like weirdos ask my homies from brownside

  • Neesha Hannibal

    Neesha Hannibal

     9 hours ago

    I should called her back

  • Real Hoochie

    Real Hoochie

     10 hours ago

    Call me for 2019 !!! πŸ‘„πŸ‘„πŸ‘„πŸ‘„

  • Belinda Boniface

    Belinda Boniface

     11 hours ago

    Kehlani is bae😍😍😍 her voice makes me high

  • Alicia Jordan

    Alicia Jordan

     11 hours ago

    I’d get pissed the hell off getting compared to someone else all the time! Everyone is different for a reason, why does anyone need to be compared to anyone else! Let everyone be themselves and stay unique in their own way ! Either way ! Love the song!

  • Dr. L. Williams

    Dr. L. Williams

     12 hours ago

    Stolen from the Beyonce and Shakira 2006 video

  • netashh W

    netashh W

     12 hours ago

    Man I should have answered!!

  • netashh W

    netashh W

     12 hours ago

    The same way Cardi became the Goat in less than 2yrs its bout to be Kehlani's turn

  • Bon Long

    Bon Long

     14 hours ago

    I like cardi b too 😊😊❀️❀️