The REAL Reason Why Bronny James And Zaire Wade Decided To Attend Sierra Canyon School Together...

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  • Published on:  Thursday, May 30, 2019
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  • El Tigre

    El Tigre

     1 months ago

    Why are people worried about worried about two very rich peoples kids ?

  • YallKno Jay

    YallKno Jay

     3 months ago

    Wtf you kno or you dnt kno!! This click on me!! I just said I wasn’t clicking on nothing with bronny name on no more!! To many MFs using his name for click bait!!

  • Ivory Towers

    Ivory Towers

     3 months ago +1

    As the speaker , Analyst,,, try to avoid saying,,,,,( I dont know).
    examine (something) methodically and in detail, typically in order to explain
    and interpret what you Have as fact's ect.

  • Clarence Sanders

    Clarence Sanders

     3 months ago

    You don't know what the fuck you talking about.

  • Alexander Gallant

    Alexander Gallant

     3 months ago


  • KunaiForce


     4 months ago +1

    Where Lebron lives it’s a 4 mile commute to crossroads, Sierra canyon is 18 Los Angeles miles up the 405, which is the worst freeway in the US. He probably just didn’t want to do the commute.

  • Nasiim Williams

    Nasiim Williams

     4 months ago

    that not the real reason

  • Aiconic


     4 months ago

    Flopping green turkeys has never been right but we strive to have stronger concrete in the stars. Yes?

  • Diana Rodriguez

    Diana Rodriguez

     4 months ago +2

    Because, Lebron got $$ with that being said, there are more choices for the family. Who knows, maybe it was about academics, maybe the other school offer a little more. Pretty sure its not just about Sports ! Basketball. And being a Jock!

  • Amber Stewart

    Amber Stewart

     4 months ago

    Canyon...not cannon.

  • Chase Gods

    Chase Gods

     4 months ago +3

    The whole AAU team ah be there soon

  • Freddy Armstrong

    Freddy Armstrong

     4 months ago +1

    It's weird to you and I feel like they should be able to do what the hell they want

  • Toysheka Wright

    Toysheka Wright

     5 months ago +2

    i cant wait curious zarie play best of country

  • torry thomas

    torry thomas

     5 months ago +3

    Y’all sleep on Z Wade fa sure

  • Lebrick James

    Lebrick James

     5 months ago +1

    I was thinking the same thing crossroads is a top school in the nation that’s in Cali Sierra canyon is a top school in the nation that’s in Cali so y in. The hell them niggas move to Sierra canyon even tho Sierra canyon is better then crossroads it’s better to go to a little bit worse team to get more playing time and attention but aye and post more Bryce vids



     5 months ago +4

    You dont know the difference between canyon and crossroads lol do your googles....

  • Ryan


     5 months ago +11

    i never understood why he chose crossroads because they're trash. Lebron coulda chose his son to go to Mater Dei, Bishop Montgomery, or Sierra Canyon to begin with. Crossroads ain't on the same level. Sierra just won the open division state championship, produced Marvin Bagley etc etc. Easy choice for him to go there bro.

  • Qua37 l

    Qua37 l

     5 months ago +5

    It's his son he can do what ever he wants that answers ur question u have no opinion in what a father wants to do with their kids who cares how you feel bout it

  • Equipois3


     5 months ago +7

    Cause Lebron knows bronny needed competition to get better..

  • Vicente Cisneros

    Vicente Cisneros

     5 months ago +23

    How TF you going to say the real reason they going to Sierra canyon. If you end up saying we really won't know bc Bron not feeling it