red velvet need a new stylist

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  • Published on:  Monday, April 29, 2019
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  • redvelvetsus

     2 months ago

    1 like equals 1 prayer that joy doesn’t beat up their stylist

  • heidy cardozo

     22 hours ago

    kinda want that to happen tho🤪🤭😳

  • MamaMoo are the best Kpop group of all time bitches

     3 days ago

    Hope she does.

  • SEulGi thE LiZaRd

     2 months ago

    Their stylists make their outfits look cheap with stuff that probably costs more than our toilets

  • official aqua

     5 days ago


  • SweetSugar HoneyCandy

     6 days ago

    @Daramiya Omg that's a mess

  • Minghao's Lines

     16 days ago

    Joy: *is taller already*the stylist: okay lets make her skirt even shorter!!!

  • MamaMoo are the best Kpop group of all time bitches

     3 days ago

    Exactly like that’s just stupid and wrong. But she still makes it work

  • Ilda Baltić

     6 days ago

    This is just wrong.

  • Dubudan

     2 months ago

    I think Seulgi’s hairstylist was going for a greasy vampire lesbian look 🤔

  • rainbow pink

     19 hours ago

    have you seen gerard way? it can look good ok

  • mochi jiminshi


    Lmfao I can't-

  • taewae

     20 days ago

    i found this vid right after zimzalabim came out... guess they still have the same horrible stylist for this comeback too lmao... god.



    A lot of Kpop idols were sponsored by marine serre and was doing a lot of dolce but red velvet was doing marine serre da most tho

  • R Marr

     3 days ago

    @Andrea it's a bag (an expensive bag) but it's a bag, just modified

  • mınnıe •

     17 days ago

    omg I wonder what you think of zimzalabim-

  • Faith Matthew

     5 days ago

    i have one word... nO.

  • mınnıe •

     12 days ago

    @C. Sebastian Snchz she puts her lip stick in there 💅

  • Gaby Pascual

     15 days ago

    "and joy looks like shes going to go milk some cows after this"hElp ive been laughing for the past 3 minutes

  • MamaMoo are the best Kpop group of all time bitches

     3 days ago

    Gaby Pascual lol yes

  • Jimin, You Got No Jams!

     20 days ago

    Red Velvet's Stylist: Okay,,,After Irene wears this, Wendy can also wear this when their new song Zimzalabim! one will notice

  • Nur Shafiqah

     14 days ago

    HAHAHA 😂😂😂

  • Marissa Chin

     2 months ago

    also irene's blue fluffy smurf outfit literally takes the cake for worst girl group stage outfit i was actually laughing in secondhand embarrassment the entire performance. like what were the stylists thinking?? its so square and does nothing for her figure and she stands out soo much, its borderline neon next to her members who have dark outfits. so sorry they did that to you

  • K-Radha Singh

     10 days ago

    I thought so too until Zimzalabim. It's like the stylists saw these comments, and thought "Y'all think that's bad? Check this". No one matches - either things that they themselves are wearing or what the other members are wearing. Irene, Seulgi and Yeri look like they got a couple of their outfits shredded just before the stage and had no replacements, Wendy is either in a feather duster or bag, and Joy's is like she got the scraps off everyone else's outfits. And don't even mention the hai...

  • hyun jean

     12 days ago

    What performance?? Ongg I'm curious

  • ainsley overlock

     2 months ago

    3:36 im sorry but she looks like a throw pillow


     3 days ago

    ainsley overlock i literally have a pillow that looks the same

  • Woogukie 97

     11 days ago

    dogs and music are the best things on earth LMAO