Top 10 WORST Movies 2018

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  • Published on:  Thursday, December 27, 2018
  • The last video of 2018. Here is my list of the Top 10 WORST movies of 2018. Enjoy!
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  • good news jtr

    good news jtr

     2 days ago

    I Like solo

  • Leonardo Bautista

    Leonardo Bautista

     7 days ago

    Just shows how out of touch Jeremy is as a critic solo was actually the only star wars movie I enjoyed out of any of the New Disney ones. Not great but a solid film.

  • Shock Shplock

    Shock Shplock

     14 days ago

    Slender man and Sherlock Gnomes should of been on here

  • Shelley Wellington

    Shelley Wellington

     21 days ago +1

    My list

    #10 Sherlock Gnomes
    #9 Robin Hood
    #8 Holmes and Watson
    #7 The Week of
    #6 Gotti
    #5 I Feel Pretty
    #4 Show Dogs
    #3 The Darkest Minds
    #2 Death Wish
    #1 Slenderman

  • Bobby B

    Bobby B

     1 months ago

    Fantastic Beasts

  • Churraso4


     1 months ago

    The possession of Hannah Grace should have been here too 😂

  • sirkastic


     1 months ago

    My top 10 worst youtubers. number 1 is Jeremy Jahns

  • Ahmed Reviews

    Ahmed Reviews

     2 months ago

    Its sad that a lot of people including me had expected the nun to good but the outcome was disappointing

  • glitter


     2 months ago +1

    Jeremy u crazy lol. Solo is a great movie in so many ways, especially after TLJ made me worried that Star Wars had no idea what it was doing anymore

  • C Henry

    C Henry

     2 months ago

    Uggg Winchester was really bad

  • S Simpson

    S Simpson

     2 months ago

    Being a Star Wars fan having read a lot of the Star Wars expanded universe played the games; Knights of the Old Republic, etc -- loved Last Jedi... Star Wars fans are some of the worst "fans" ever. Had no intention of watching Solo, still don't... but because of the backlash of Last Jedi, got Kenobi's stand-alone film cancelled, a movie I actually wanted to see... so, thanks for that... fuckers.

  • Ryan Cox

    Ryan Cox

     2 months ago

    Don't hate me for saying this but I loved Strangers: Prey At Night

  • Kenny Jones

    Kenny Jones

     2 months ago

    But Jeremy, didn't you hear Brie Larson state that middle-aged white guys can't review Wrinkle In Time (*said sarcastically*)?

  • JT Saiyan

    JT Saiyan

     2 months ago

    Cloverfield paradox is on here? I disagree

  • Carly Berndt

    Carly Berndt

     2 months ago +1

    My school went to see a wrinkle in time, and afterward, I couldn’t remember the plot bc I started talking to my friends bc it was so boring

  • XxrSam


     2 months ago +1

    Don't feel like Solo should be on here

  • Striljr


     2 months ago +1

    I know it's your opinion, but have you seen
    -Truth or Dare
    -Sherlock Gnomes
    -I Feel Pretty
    -Holmes and Watson
    -Darkest Minds
    -Show Dogs
    -Happytime Murders
    You should have watched those films before making this list.

  • Nate W

    Nate W

     2 months ago

    I don't HATE Pacific Rim Uprising, but I definitely think it doesn't hold up as well as the original.

  • Kevin Minshaw

    Kevin Minshaw

     2 months ago

    "We're dealing with children actors..." Can't say that about the IT cast.

  • Black Rose

    Black Rose

     3 months ago

    Pacific Rim 2 was definitely not as good as the first one