Stray Gigantic Pit Bull Charges At Police Officer, Then Does Something Surprising

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 15, 2018
  • Like it or not, pit bulls have pretty bad reputations. Because of their notoriously powerful jaws, many people look at these pooches and see monsters. The truth is that not all dogs are the same—and even pit bulls can surprise you from time to time.

    When the people of one tiny town spotted a gigantic pit bull roaming the streets, they knew they had to do something. They were too scared to even approach the dog, so they quickly contacted authorities to help. That was when everything changed….

    People react differently when they spot a pit bull. Some people will smile and keep on walking, while others will jump a mile and do everything that they can do to avoid the animal.

    Even though pit bulls are loving dogs, they have developed a reputation as being aggressive and dangerous. So, naturally, when some residents of Texarkana, Texas, spotted a stray pit bull walking down the city streets alone, they panicked and immediately dialed 911.

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  • JEEPS_ B21

    JEEPS_ B21

     6 hours ago

    That’s not a true pit bull it’s a bully or bully mix trash garbage dog or some other breed mutt unknown breed it’s not a pit bull

  • The Editting Joke

    The Editting Joke

     7 hours ago +1

    2:29 "I'm takin' the wheal, we're going to Petsmart for some Bacon treats!"

  • Darkest Knight

    Darkest Knight

     7 hours ago

    Man how I want to adopt a Pitt except my dam family doesn’t want to from thinking that they’re mean. All I can say is don’t judge anything by its cover

  • Alice Bennett

    Alice Bennett

     13 hours ago

    Pits best dogs ever

  • naughty by nature

    naughty by nature

     20 hours ago

    I love that these kind of stories continue to come out. This was a beautiful story ♥️ 😍

  • Marico Warren

    Marico Warren


    That's clearly not a pitbull

  • Emmanuel Bess

    Emmanuel Bess

     2 days ago

    Just get to the fucking point... talking to much

  • Mocha Draws

    Mocha Draws

     2 days ago +1

    My old neighbor had a Pitbull Terrier. She was so sweet and adorable and this video made me miss her even more

  • Sandy Matza

    Sandy Matza

     2 days ago

    The problem with pit bulls are the Owners. Pit bulls are given such a bad rap. They’re the gentlest little souls. It’s the way you raise them. You give them all the love ❤️ and Affection , they give it right back. 🐶❤️💋👍😊💕🥰🐕.

  • Antero Pi

    Antero Pi

     4 days ago

    you people are sick. there is millions people living in streets and you care more about sick animals. all off you shame your self and start making better choices.

  • Jose Cervantes

    Jose Cervantes

     5 days ago

    It’s funny humans kill humans everyday.......and humans want to concentrate on this loving dogs been bad when most of the humans have worst human next to them and sometimes is criminals and they get away with jail......criminals should be treated like pit bull dogs dangerous and put them to sleep

  • Miss Pennywise

    Miss Pennywise

     5 days ago

    Pitbulls are nurture over nature...had mine 10plus years ..she watches joggers can tell when your pitty is being frisky it's in her responsible for all pets.

  • Rhonda McCabe

    Rhonda McCabe

     6 days ago

    I have an amazing pitbull. She is a huge baby. I also have two Pitskies which are pitbull and husky mixes. I also have a chihuahua. I love them all.

  • Mel Cervantes

    Mel Cervantes

     6 days ago

    “Someone goes blind, you won’t believe what he realizes” like bruh

  • Shaniqwa B.

    Shaniqwa B.

     7 days ago

    People need to stop assuming things about animals and people. Any animal can bite.

  • you're funny

    you're funny

     7 days ago

    Pit bulls are loving, protective, faithful dogs. It's not the dog that's dangerous it's the owner and how they are raised

  • Roderick Spence

    Roderick Spence

     7 days ago

    Who did that to the pit ull

  • Pudgy Mutt

    Pudgy Mutt

     7 days ago

    Pit Bulls are not for Stupid People! Pit Bulls are Wonderful Dogs-have not met one I did not like. Have owned “Pitties” for about 38 years. One saved my life-forever grateful-RIP Sam!

  • Kurama


     7 days ago

    Did the cop adopt him?

  • cody preitauer

    cody preitauer

     7 days ago

    All dogs bite I know more people been bit by labs more then any other dog blue healer are like ankle bitting asses to