Stray Gigantic Pit Bull Charges At Police Officer, Then Does Something Surprising

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 15, 2018
  • Like it or not, pit bulls have pretty bad reputations. Because of their notoriously powerful jaws, many people look at these pooches and see monsters. The truth is that not all dogs are the same—and even pit bulls can surprise you from time to time.

    When the people of one tiny town spotted a gigantic pit bull roaming the streets, they knew they had to do something. They were too scared to even approach the dog, so they quickly contacted authorities to help. That was when everything changed….

    People react differently when they spot a pit bull. Some people will smile and keep on walking, while others will jump a mile and do everything that they can do to avoid the animal.

    Even though pit bulls are loving dogs, they have developed a reputation as being aggressive and dangerous. So, naturally, when some residents of Texarkana, Texas, spotted a stray pit bull walking down the city streets alone, they panicked and immediately dialed 911.

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