Judges Fight To Push The Golden Buzzer For This Act!

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  • Published on:  Saturday, December 31, 2016
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/kkPBwqNpVdI




     4 months ago +3387

    All the dislikes are from the people who had to clean the stage up after the golden buzzer

  • KaYcEe W

    KaYcEe W

     6 months ago +1674

    Anyone is 2019 and still loving this?

  • Kevin Shilomboleni

    Kevin Shilomboleni

     4 months ago +3226

    That wasn’t an audition , it was a Performance 😂...

  • pėiņ TM

    pėiņ TM

     4 months ago +2023

    Imagine what it's like being the person auditioning after this 😂

  • Merrell twinner VVM

    Merrell twinner VVM

     2 months ago +2502

    A golden buzzer is entertainment for people watching
    A contestans dream
    A janitors nightmare

  • jordyn montpellier

    jordyn montpellier

     2 months ago +659

    The 6.5k people who disliked the video had blurry vision because of the tears and pressed the wrong button

  • Lis Herron

    Lis Herron

     2 months ago +729

    Idk why but this looks like High School Musical ;)

  • Janel Shayo

    Janel Shayo

     2 months ago +468

    2019 anyone.
    Ok just me.😭😭😭

  • Kiwi Kitty

    Kiwi Kitty

     7 months ago +2723

    Beyoncé has left the chat

  • Fabian Gonzalez

    Fabian Gonzalez

     6 months ago +554

    The way she said thank you Jesus under her breath before saying thank you to Alicia was just so heartwarming and beautiful.😭❤

  • Andrew Erickson

    Andrew Erickson

     2 months ago +658

    Even people who weren't Christian love this so much!

  • taylor|loves|puppys


     2 months ago +342

    lady starts singing a ad comes on about weight loss secret reveal me: why are you bullying -^-

  • Philile Mhlongo

    Philile Mhlongo

     yesterday +4

    They're about to get the whole audience saved❤️

  • pineapple xox

    pineapple xox

     2 months ago +344

    The janitors are probably thinking no not the confetti again
    Dang I feel sorry for them

  • S.l. Warlington

    S.l. Warlington

     2 months ago +94


  • Warriors Cats & Wings of Fire is my Life

    Warriors Cats & Wings of Fire is my Life

     2 months ago +108

    I feel bad for the 2 people who weren’t able to come and missed the Golden Buzzer moment. 😕😢

  • Jaro P

    Jaro P

     3 months ago +126

    What church do they go to cause I see y’all in 10 minutes

  • Cute Angela

    Cute Angela

     2 years ago +5427

    everybody went to church after that lol

  • ItsMeWolf


     4 months ago +302

    Could We All Just Agree That This Was Part Of GOD's Plan

  • Morgan Zanger

    Morgan Zanger

     2 months ago +132

    Simon always has to have the big flashy cool buzzing so Amanda snagged it quick