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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 17, 2018
  • This was a very interesting video for us to make. Throughout our lives, we've gotten used to being grouped as the same person by others because of how "similar" we seem being identical twins. People will say things like "you guys" or "you two" when they're only talking to or about one of us. This doesn't really bother us too much tbh but after switching lives just for 24 hours we realized that we are really NOTHING like each other.SUBSCRIBE - Week's Video - - https://dolantwins.comRomeo's YouTube channel -'s IG -’s StuffINSTAGRAM - - - EthanDolanGrayson’s ThingsINSTAGRAM - - - GraysonDolan
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  • Madhuri Soma Malla

     1 months ago

    Ethan is a unemployed husband and Grayson is the hardworking housewife...;)

  • Anna Ramirez Crafts!


    Sophia Kittykat Oml no he’s not lol

  • chloecola

     2 days ago

    perfect for emma ;)

  • •Gacha•Isaac•

     24 days ago

    Ethan: your a lazy f***Grayson: I’m being you!!!!!Ethan:.......alright😑

  • Sharon Money

     10 days ago


  • Diana

     11 days ago

    Ethan is May every morning especially waking up for school

  • Fer Gil

     1 months ago

    “Extra virgin olive oil, just like Grayson” lmfao😂

  • Cyds

     23 hours ago

    @Marabeth Damron They were quoting Ethan.

  • Marabeth Damron


    He’s actually not a virgin.

  • Lady Marmalade

     1 months ago

    Ethan: "I'm bored. I'm gonna get Grayson."Grayson: "I'm bored. I'm gonna get Ethan."

  • Isabella Prado

     9 days ago

    50 years later still living together and fighting!

  • Megan P

     12 days ago

    Lindsey Vig how?

  • Nishi Patel

     5 months ago


  • Nicole Sophie

     4 hours ago

    Who has the fucking time for this... clearly u have Ethan’s life style

  • Hiii Byeee

     18 hours ago

    U can copy and paste on google 🧐

  • Bei Jia Viggiano

     1 months ago

    13:55 😂"Oh, it's hidden!" -Ethan"No, it's just...there." -Grayson

  • Liviosa Cool

     4 days ago

    Take Grayson then take Ethan, that’s me cuz I will steam mop, vacuum, do the laundry, mow the lawn, paint the fence, clean the campfire bowl, iron the clothes, bake food, repaint the outside tables, change the bed sheets. Basically do any chore EXCEPT THE DISHES. 🍽🚫.

  • Sunflower _

     1 months ago

    That red top looks like it came out of Emma’s closet 🤣🤣🤣

  • Haileee Nietooo

     17 hours ago

    @ help me Johnny I actually think it’s a compliment in my OPINION

  • Melissa Lopez

     1 months ago

    When he starts walking like Ethan 😂🤣😂

  • panic on Elm street

     24 days ago


  • chrissie.garrett

     25 days ago

    Melissa Lopez dead

  • sunflower Coffee

     1 months ago

    dO yOu FeEl tHe PoWeR?!?!wHeN yOu WaKe Up YoU wIlL FEEL tHe PoWeR.....I feel like **** My favourite part!

  • Selita Walker

     1 months ago


  • le ah

     11 months ago

    grayson is such a dad

  • Galaxy Cupcake

     20 days ago

    Papa Gray

  • Emma Catherine

     11 months ago