Meanwhile... Look Up At The Super Blood Wolf Moon

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  • Published on:  Saturday, January 12, 2019
  • Sometimes it's nice to check in on the news stories that won't make it into Billy Joel's 'We Didn't Start the Fire: 2010s Edition.'

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  • Blind Man Bert

    Blind Man Bert

     16 hours ago

    At 0:55, Stephen Colbert makes a common mistake regarding the reference to a lunar eclipse as a “Blood Moon”.
    • Yes… this full moon was a supermoon, meaning the Moon was within 90% of perigee, when it is closest to Earth. This happens once roughly every 28 days and is only relatively rare when it coincides with a full moon and quite rare when that full moon is also when a lunar eclipse occurs. A supermoon is closer and marginally larger in angular diameter, but it is more noticeably much brighter.
    • Yes… Indians referred to the January moon as the Wolf Moon for the reasons Stephen stated.
    • But no, a Blood Moon isn’t called that just because total lunar eclipses appear to be pink, orange or red. The term “Blood Moon” isn’t one astronomers use, but something coined as an Internet meme to refer to a tetrad of lunar eclipses occurring consecutively in the eighteen year Saros cycle (this lunar eclipse was #27 of 73.[2] It’s an unfortunate term because “blood” suggests red, and so too the Pink Moon which is simply the first full moon occurring every April is sometimes mistaken as a term for a lunar eclipse for similar reasons.

  • Karen Hartman

    Karen Hartman

     22 hours ago

    Jambo to Nairobi. 💕💕💕

  • Koks Me

    Koks Me

     2 days ago

    Love your shows!!!!!

  • Miss Liss

    Miss Liss

     2 days ago

    Ye need non-latex condoms, then.

  • William Dunlap

    William Dunlap

     2 days ago

    You still haven't apologized to Tulsi Gabbard for disrespecting here for no real reason, or rather for being human like the rest of us.
    Apparently you were born perfect and didn't need to grow like ordinary people.

  • Aaron Brindley

    Aaron Brindley

     2 days ago

    Holy shit. This is the first colbert clip in years that didn't have something to do with Trump in the title that I've seen in my feed

  • Scion of Madness

    Scion of Madness

     3 days ago

    I love how much fun Stephen has with this segment. I chuckle all the way through.

  • s21972012145525


     5 days ago

    Nice move SA...Islam granted divorce to women in a beneficial way, even though it is highly not recommended. Just making a food out of an issue that Islam actual did good things on

  • Hcdoitsu Smith

    Hcdoitsu Smith

     5 days ago

    A red letter day for Saudi women. Here it's a joke. And it was a good joke too. But how much and what did they have to do to get it? That's the story.

  • C-Wow


     6 days ago

    I've flown frontier before. They were chill. I'd do it again.

  • Cheryl Mendenhall

    Cheryl Mendenhall

     6 days ago

    Thanks for the laughs!! 😂😂

  • RandomAccessMisery


     6 days ago

    5:24 this smells like capitalism

  • MG Wray

    MG Wray

     6 days ago

    @ 1:50. That is a very graphic graphic.

  • Jonathon Ausburn

    Jonathon Ausburn

     6 days ago

    Meanwhile...if you disliked this LS clip, your sense of humor is probably comparable to a week old dog turd

  • Kenneth Geisler

    Kenneth Geisler

     6 days ago

    How cartels will laugh at the wall. The Zapata Flyboard Air
    Designed to be flown without pilot training.

  • digitaldj44


     6 days ago

    How did I end up on this leftist crap? Bye!

  • GarlicIsGood


     7 days ago

    Trump 2020

  • schrodingers cat

    schrodingers cat

     7 days ago

    Jake Tapper is completely safe. Wolf only thirst for the blood of innocents.

  • Flajelo


     7 days ago

    why American movies don't have native Americans on them?

  • Fake name Fake name

    Fake name Fake name

     7 days ago

    I’m confused