A Room Full of Ant Farms -- 2 Million Subs Special

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 29, 2018
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    Fire Ants, Crazy Ants, Bullet Ants, Carpenter Ants, Trap-jaw Ants, and more! Meet the epic ants with 2 Million Subscribers on Youtube! We've hit another milestone, so I asked you what you wanted to see to celebrate hitting 2 Million Subs. Many of you asked for a long video of a full ant room tour, so today I update you on all eight of my ant colonies and recap their epic stories. Some of the latest news will shock you! We also feature some special guests in this episode. Thank you to all the ant lovers out there who continue to support and show your ant love every week! Ant love forever!

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  • Kamakani Maui

    Kamakani Maui

     3 months ago +374

    What’s your job?

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     4 hours ago

    Can’t. Stop. Watching. 🐜

  • Ender Sky

    Ender Sky

     10 hours ago

    oh thats why
    they were informing each other
    when i was younger i though they were kissing XD

  • Ender Sky

    Ender Sky

     10 hours ago

    AC: * pats down and puts cockroach*
    Ants: OMG THERE IT'S THE COCKROACH!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Cockroach: NOOOO
    Music : Alleluia Alleluia

  • Kael Alexander

    Kael Alexander

     20 hours ago

    The Fire Nation is my favorite. Dark Knights are my second favorite. Golden Empire is third. Black Panthers are my fourth. Trap Jaws are my fifth. Platinum Dragons are my sixth. The Pheidole are my seventh.

  • John Yang

    John Yang


    The guppys are probaley ded so yeh or there hiding in the roots of ur plants as fish love to do that. And a school of guppys are not really the best if ur mat breeding them as they can live really long. So that has a effect to

  • Jack SpinoRex

    Jack SpinoRex

     2 days ago

    Maybe get Leafcutter ants

  • Rocky


     2 days ago

    Secretly...the wants have a religion like christianity and you GOD

  • James Simpson

    James Simpson

     2 days ago

    So glad the platinum dragons are ok

  • kota ramalingeswara rao

    kota ramalingeswara rao

     2 days ago

    28:15 A queen????

  • Stream Froster

    Stream Froster

     2 days ago +1

    Nice video!

  • Emmy Twix

    Emmy Twix

     2 days ago

    When this turns into a face reveal

  • Emmy Twix

    Emmy Twix

     2 days ago

    Dude that was so mean I thought emperor sapphire was dead 😭

  • John Smith

    John Smith

     2 days ago

    I hate maggots.

  • Tigre Sliger0

    Tigre Sliger0

     2 days ago

    And anyone who is panicking the fire nation is fine the queen and the eggs got out fast enough trust me I watched the vid about it

  • Tigre Sliger0

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  • Tigre Sliger0

    Tigre Sliger0

     2 days ago

    You should just make the golden springs bigger for emperor sapphire

  • michela styles

    michela styles

     4 days ago

    I like falling asleep to your voice. It's comforting. Lol

  • Karen Campbell

    Karen Campbell

     5 days ago

    When the crayfish gets bigger put him in a near by pond because you said he hasn't left so you can still visit him😀😀😀