Catching a Child Predator on My Little Sister...

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, December 5, 2018
  • Catching a Child Predator on My Little Sister with Touchdalight inspired by Chris Hansen, Hansen vs Predator Subscribe to my channel: Social Medias:☆ Instagram -★ Twitter -☆ Snapchat - whitja2012pg family friendly cleanFor business enquiries:
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  • Jacob White

    Jacob White

     8 months ago +857

    This predator knew quisha was 15! We told all of them we were 15 as you’ll see in the last can’t set up a tinder under the age of 18...

  • z0mbiie m0de03

    z0mbiie m0de03

     7 months ago +1618

    Girls 15
    Looks 18
    Acts like 22

  • Shejmi


     6 months ago +371


  • Dinamite


     7 months ago +853

    So fake the guy on the phone could clearly hear the two guys speaking

  • Bob Kotoff

    Bob Kotoff

     6 months ago +162

    Why would u put her in that position??

  • lily mccole

    lily mccole

     6 months ago +102

    bruh she looks 18 and acts 18 wtf is up with 15 yr olds now

  • Lewin Meier

    Lewin Meier

     7 months ago +375

    I guess fake because he would hear that she said that he is 2 minutes away.

  • The Red

    The Red

     6 months ago +103

    8 minutes of talking
    30 seconds of planning
    1 second of the girl talking to the child predator
    30 seconds of pushing that guy

  • Fie Aadal

    Fie Aadal

     5 months ago +31

    What we all came for, thank me later.

  • Felicity Monk

    Felicity Monk

     8 months ago +930

    Quisha is actually so cute I felt so bad for her watching this 😩

  • Grace Majer

    Grace Majer

     7 months ago +187

    This is soooo fake.
    1. He’s not a child predator if you say she’s 18
    2. He would’ve seen her look at you and your friend
    3. He said he’d be there in 2 minutes but afterwards you all continued talking about it for 2+ minutes
    4. Your phone doesn’t turn black that fast when it’s put up to your face

  • Doreen Yadeley

    Doreen Yadeley

     7 months ago +145

    what worries me most about this video is why his sister is called QUICHE?

  • Ruben Ruane

    Ruben Ruane

     7 months ago +44

    Get good at faking mate

  • Coco Powder

    Coco Powder

     1 months ago +8


  • Zanderthorn


     8 months ago +1624

    Garry 42, why am I not surprised

  • RobloxRuby 12

    RobloxRuby 12

     6 months ago +26

    You should of kept it longer like let them talk

  • Celina HM

    Celina HM

     6 months ago +12

    I think under age people should be prohibited to use social networking in general and if it is violated the network ought to be sued.

  • asmr 311

    asmr 311

     6 months ago +7

    You said on her profile she was 18.
    She repeated everything on the phone
    The guy must be deaf to not hear you asking questions
    And seriously what was you two going to do to the guy?🤦🏻‍♀️😂

  • Angel Fowler

    Angel Fowler

     1 months ago +4

    I’m jus wondering why he’s putting his 15 yo sister in danger tryin to catch predators, like it’s their job...
    And wth happened to the plan💀

  • Quisha


     8 months ago +3310

    scariest experience!! :/