TWWS - Celebrity Look-a-Likes compilation (part 8)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, January 19, 2017
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  • Joetta Slanger

     2 years ago

    That Kim k looked like every girl on Instagram 😴

  • Happy Thoughts

     5 months ago

    Most of the basic girls on ig now have no originality it’s scary how much they all look alike

  • Aqua Mina

     2 years ago

    I can find at least 30 Kim lookalikes on Instagram. Makeup does the trick

  • K.S.G _91

     1 months ago

    Heck about a million!

  • Tyrone Morgan

     5 months ago

    That and editing.

  • PrettyTequila

     2 years ago

    The Idris Elba look alike is handsome

  • Rasheed Lewis

     5 months ago

    Im handsome

  • Euphoria makings

     2 years ago

    Tequila Brown right

  • Daiana

     2 years ago

    The Idris Elba look alike though😳🙌🏾 My jaw dropped, literally lol.

  • Wojay Simpson

     1 years ago

    Why am I so addicted to theseeeee

  • Happy Thoughts

     5 months ago

    Because it’s usually funny af when they don’t look alike lol 😂

  • Eboni Bynum

     11 months ago

    So weird cause Idris name was Monty in the movie Daddy's little girl

  • T Davis

     2 years ago

    Done at the remix on his tooth gap. lmao

  • lola smith

     2 years ago

    Dillon what did we do to deserve you?

  • Velma Brown

     5 months ago

    lola smith

  • Dillon

     2 years ago


  • trina robinson

     2 years ago

    the Cleve land baby awww

  • JuicedUp Genie

     2 years ago

    That Gabrielle look-alike Ally is soooooo beautiful 😍

  • Ceylon

     2 years ago

    JuicedUp Genie Rappr Cam'Ron girlfriend JuJu looks like Gabby too!