G-Eazy - No Limit REMIX ft. A$AP Rocky, Cardi B, French Montana, Juicy J, Belly

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, December 19, 2017
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/l_lblj8Cq0o


  • Ahmed adel

    Ahmed adel

     3 months ago +22820

    You're actually a Savage if you press read more.

    Now you have good luck forever :) thumbs up to activate. 😊

  • Daisy's love

    Daisy's love

     2 days ago +97

    I didn’t even know G eazy was white tbh the only white rapper I know is Eminem 😂

  • Joshua Gerrald

    Joshua Gerrald

     1 months ago +2421

    Can you imagine being a homeless dude and you walk into this abandoned warehouse trying to find somewhere to sleep, walking in to assess flapping everywhere and a pile of money on fire

  • Laird Summers

    Laird Summers

     yesterday +5

    I not for nothing but the only who catch the attention from the others rappers was Juicy J
    When he start, everybody follow him

  • ItsJayHD


     7 days ago +295

    Whoever like this will be rich and succesful💰💸💲

  • Nathan Ballesteros

    Nathan Ballesteros

     6 months ago +4586

    if you’re reading this i hope you get rich 💙💰

  • Morgan Matthies

    Morgan Matthies

     28 days ago +959

    G-easy looks like a mafia boss

  • PitaPit Manager

    PitaPit Manager

     1 months ago +955

    A$AP Rocky killed it. No wonder Trump wants to help him get out of the Swedish prison

  • MSC TheGamer

    MSC TheGamer

     yesterday +3

    You're elite if you watching in August/September

  • Moudi Manae

    Moudi Manae

     yesterday +11

    4:04 listen to how g-eazy breathing

  • Lockheed Lee

    Lockheed Lee

     a years ago +5323

    I like the song, but I gotta talk to my son to not treat women like this.

  • Mjeviel T

    Mjeviel T

     yesterday +6

    Queen of the beat cardi b
    Wow you nailed it..

  • Michaela Copeland

    Michaela Copeland

     2 days ago +6

    I wish this remix was on spotify :( I love the one with all the guys AND cardi

  • Kyleee Sallis

    Kyleee Sallis

     12 hours ago +2

    Speed up Cardi B's part to 1.25 and it sounds amazing (not that it doesn't already)

  • Jazz Gray

    Jazz Gray

     28 days ago +696

    “The fourth time I put a baby inside her” ok G Eazy😂👀

  • what you talking bout willis?

    what you talking bout willis?

     a years ago +4850

    I got no ass so this song has me twerking my back😂😂

  • Petronila Martinez

    Petronila Martinez

     21 days ago +591

    August 2019?!? Anyone

  • Salman Awan

    Salman Awan

     14 days ago +475

    G-Eazy from Cali
    Cardi and Asap from NY
    Juicy J from Tennessee
    French Montana from Morocco
    Belly from Palestine
    This is by far the most diverse rap song ever.

  • Michael Elkins

    Michael Elkins

     7 days ago +112

    If this song plays at my funeral I may just come back from the dead..

  • WhenTheVideorinoWasUploaderinoKripperino


     yesterday +5

    G-Eazy : 3:40