Tattoo Artists Answer "What's Your Craziest Client Story?" | INKED Talk

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 27, 2018
  • 25 top tattoo artists share their craziest client stories from SWAT team busts to strange tattoos in strange places.

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     3 months ago +8882

    Nikki's story was: during filming an ep. of Ink Master: Angels (specifically the suicide awareness ep.) they had random people come in to tell their stories and get tattoos representing one of their loved ones lost to suicide. One of the competing artists recognized the woman that they brought in because he had tattooed her son like weeks or so before his suicide. The artists have to then pick a skull with one of the clients names to tattoo, and the artist ended up picking the woman's name. The artist gave her a really beautiful piece using some of her son's art, and it was a super cool moment they got to share.

  • destiny's streaming

    destiny's streaming

     5 minutes ago

    Some of these are uncomfortable

  • Ahmad Pramono

    Ahmad Pramono

     4 hours ago

    randomly watching this and didnt expect the undertaker part lol

  • some weeb

    some weeb

     9 hours ago

    I find it funny that in the last story it was the fucking undertaker of all people to be freaked out by the skull

  • deirdre


     9 hours ago

    did you just not interview the unattractive tattooers?

  • Prentis Williams

    Prentis Williams

     9 hours ago

    Save the best for last

  • Jasmine Hernandez

    Jasmine Hernandez

     12 hours ago

    Everyone is mostly talking about the head and I’m still shocked about the one where the guy wanted to get a target on his asshole

  • JJ Bun

    JJ Bun

     14 hours ago

    Two of the girls are from “ ink master “

  • Derrick McRae

    Derrick McRae

     14 hours ago

    I would smash just about every female in these vids

  • Swavy_B


     14 hours ago

    The undertaker was scared of that dude lol

  • Volvirth


     16 hours ago

    "Do you want the head in the trunk story?"
    ~I'm sorry, wat?

  • Jacqui Juarez

    Jacqui Juarez

     17 hours ago

    I always hear stories of how people get their first tattoo at 16/18 and my broke ass just be sitting here applying to jobs like "bish hoooooooooooooooooooooooow ??????" XD Like I can barely afford to live! More power to you if you get some good art

  • dzasdvas basadgas

    dzasdvas basadgas

     17 hours ago

    Dude 18 straight hours? I did a 3 day back to back 5 hour sessions each day to finish my sleeve and that killed me. Actually still have yet to get abother tattoo in the last 5 years since those sessions. Starting to look agsin now though, but i cant imagine doing 18 straight. Jesus. What a champ.
    Also sucks that so many of the women stories involve some weird sexual shit

  • Emama39


     17 hours ago

    the suicide one gave me goosebumps

  • Gamer Mode87

    Gamer Mode87

     19 hours ago +1

    Whats the girl name with the yellow cap? 5:10

  • Huntress


     19 hours ago

    Is it even legal to take some random ass head from a cemetary?

  • Flap Jack

    Flap Jack

     19 hours ago

    The Undertaker story was my favorite and it was so cool

  • Makayla Sexton

    Makayla Sexton

     19 hours ago

    My first tattoo was a Halloween tattoo, and was first come first serve kinda deal. I had eaten before hand but it took like 2 1/2 hrs to get me in there and my friend let me drink Pepsi and eat candy right before hand. I was doing good, then about half way through I passed out. Immediately puked once I came to. I felt so bad. Artist was really cool about it thank god 😅. Obviously tipped well 😂

  • ZanraiKid


     21 hours ago

    So is anyone loving the irony that Mark “The Undertaker” Calloway is skeeved out by a decomposing head?

  • My Name Ain't Your Business

    My Name Ain't Your Business

     22 hours ago

    ... I thought the "I tattooed a target on someone's asshole and they shat themself while I was doing it" and the "shop was busted by a Swat team" stories were the worst, but getting a decomposing head as a gift just tops everything by light-years.