Tucker on Warren's warning about two-income families

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  • Published on:  Monday, January 7, 2019
  • Why does the Democratic agenda refuse to protect and encourage families, yet one of their own wrote an entire book about it? #Tucker #FoxNews

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/ll61nxDqImc


  • Clark Gable

    Clark Gable

     49 minutes ago

    Warren's an airhead who should not be allowed to teach beyond the 4th hrade

  • Janes Dough

    Janes Dough

     55 minutes ago

    Pocahontas didn't write that book. Her Native American ancestry did.

  • Timothy McKee

    Timothy McKee

     3 hours ago

    Great commentary, Tucker. So many politicians on the Left have flipped on so many important issues it is incredible.

  • lloyd munga

    lloyd munga

     4 hours ago

    The government found a whole new tax base after the second world War:

    Women in the work force

  • Daniel Simon

    Daniel Simon

     4 hours ago

    Excellent report.

  • atin eigh

    atin eigh

     5 hours ago

    Can a politician get a road fixed in this day and age? Or am I asking too much. Or, did I word the question wrong ?

  • Michael Bowman

    Michael Bowman

     5 hours ago

    Every time I drive through a small town or the older area of a small city I can't help but notice how many old "service stations" that are now car lots, flower shops, used tire shops, etc. And, I wonder how many of those places were family owned, "mom and pop" places that the "pop" worked at to support his family on his ONE income.

  • musicgirlsuz


     5 hours ago

    Can't believe that what I've been saying for 30 years was actually something a politician saw too. Incredible that it was a DEMOCRAT who saw it, and a woman at that. Too bad the Democrats are firmly in the grip of the Communist party to talk truth any longer. But I've never been a Democrat or a Communist, so I'm glad we have Trump. At least he's trying to help the middle-class by undoing the devastating economic policies of the past Democrat and RINO administrations.

  • OC Run

    OC Run

     6 hours ago

    Bill Clinton cabinet member Frank Reich made an excellent documentary on this same subject around the same time. Democrats now can't even hear it.

  • Joes Phone No Name

    Joes Phone No Name

     6 hours ago

    America is a joke a nation of ignorant children a whole continent of willful ignorance and aggressive arrogance

  • Nicholas Fernandes

    Nicholas Fernandes

     7 hours ago

    Never thought I would agree with Liz Warren even in the past

  • Justice Forall

    Justice Forall

     8 hours ago

    O.M.G. 😟😳😀 I hate to say it, but she’s absolutely right. Why is it so hard for Democrats “Now” to run for office based on the facts? I’d actually buy that book. Now I know for sure, that she’s just saying anything to get elected. If she just would’ve told America how she really felt. Say those same words that’s in that book, mean it, and more importantly “DON’T BACK DOWN.”

  • Plutarch


     9 hours ago

    The Media that champions idiots like this lying..... Harvard seat stealing..... fake Indian, are your enemy. The Main Stream Media have morphed into cultural belligerents. They are active battlefield participants, involved in a Coup on a dully elected President.... right now.

  • Meow Meow

    Meow Meow

     9 hours ago

    Think about Warren in chief ? before you cast your vote

  • Sabrina Tschäß

    Sabrina Tschäß

     9 hours ago

    Two incomes are necessary unless your family is ok with living in a studio apartment.

  • the sane party

    the sane party

     10 hours ago

    America is not about protecting two-parent households. It's about protecting individual liberty. Successfully doing that means protecting free-markets, which means eliminating public funding of education and healthcare, which are both unconstitutional. Having done that, two-parent households will have been protected as one of the blessings of that liberty.

  • Rick Cecil

    Rick Cecil

     13 hours ago

    The prices of the things you listed as being more expensive is not the fault of 2 people working or women in the workforce that is because of greed and bad policies made on both sides among other things.

  • Philippine Dawn

    Philippine Dawn

     13 hours ago

    She is a good person, smart

  • Rick Cecil

    Rick Cecil

     13 hours ago

    There is nothing that is really cheaper now than 50 years ago let alone the 35 years that I have been alive. That's one of the dumbest lies I have ever heard. If you find something cheaper then it's also made from much cheaper materials that only last a fraction of what you would get 50 years ago so you have to replace it multiple times and therefore pay a lot more overall.

  • Laura s

    Laura s

     14 hours ago

    Tucker she is no ones hero. Her rallies ate stacked with her own and closed to the public. We are bring fooled that anyone is going to vote for her.