Joe Rogan on Leftist Social Retards & Piranhas

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  • Published on:  Sunday, February 26, 2017
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  • Exigent Circumstances

    Exigent Circumstances

     4 hours ago

    Joe you forgot PRONOUN DAY & the last Town hall meeting where every speaker said what theyr "alter ego is it".? I don't know I just know it's insane, then Warren agreed to pass a Law outlawing Church's & Religions who do note accept these people as leaders in theyr Church,OH ACCEPT MUSLIMS.! How insane is that,research that,muslims don't have to accept our Constitution over the Sharia Law,even though every other person in the Country has to. The presidence being set is very scary funny ss it is so absurd,but Politicians are taking this seriously, I can't wait I pray they allow Female MMA fighters to fight in the Mens Division,could you imagine the outcome of an insane decision like that.

  • Exigent Circumstances

    Exigent Circumstances

     4 hours ago

    Welcome to Massachusetts and Hollywood,absolutely insanity they are out of theyr minds,how CAN anybody agree with the Insanity of these People. Especially when you got Politicians pandering to them & giving them a platform to spread,what's basically a Cult it's just insanity.

  • Dustin Russel

    Dustin Russel

     4 hours ago

    And this is how HE ... oh SHE.....Joe "whatever' Rogan 😆😆

  • Visit FlagrantViolationsDotCom

    Visit FlagrantViolationsDotCom

     6 hours ago +1

    Well 40%+ of the us doesn’t have $10 in a savings account and can’t afford an emergency. Many places people are spending 50%+ on basic housing even with >$100,000 income.

  • Ethan Todd

    Ethan Todd

     9 hours ago

    Do you guys not realize that Joe might be JUST drunk this video therefore ideas flow better and mkre.freely.than todays podcasts in which hes strictly smoking weed, not much alcohol with it at all

  • Not your Business

    Not your Business

     10 hours ago

    Cut some snow? ❄️🚂

  • cemtexbez


     12 hours ago

    XDXD gender quale XDXD

  • Nik


     14 hours ago

    Back when joe didnt try to normalize all this gender queer bullshit

  • Aaron Stark

    Aaron Stark

     14 hours ago

    How is she/he able to attend an all female school if he now identifies as a man?

  • jennifer dolson

    jennifer dolson

     18 hours ago

    People are either A-sexual or sexual, everything else is just a characteristic of what a person finds attractive, and subject to change, or not.

  • jennifer dolson

    jennifer dolson

     18 hours ago

    If she came to the realization that she identifies as male, then the fact they didn't kick him out of an all-girl school, shows major acceptance on the schools part, it is a female school for christ's sake. People can go way too far with shit.

  • Hacker Trinity

    Hacker Trinity

     19 hours ago +1

    Joe "I used to have piranhas" Rogan.

  • D F

    D F

     20 hours ago

    It's about time people wake up to what the far left is, a god dam circus full of parasitic lemmings

  • Luke8FPS


     20 hours ago

    are you gonna keep us updated on this cases that have not gone to trial yet? pritty pls :)

  • Ry G

    Ry G

     20 hours ago

    I'm not really sure if this is a 'left' issue? What do your political choices have to do with a woman wanting to became a man? If you really want to grow a dick , I'm guessing it's not really a choice. Lol man that seems to be pretty drastic, when you compare it to the right wanting smaller government or the left wanting universal health care for everybody. I'm pretty sure if Dick chennys daughter wanted to become a man, u wouldn't hear the same noise from certain people on the right, that shes part of the left. I know joes talking about the idiots who don't stop hammering away about 'diversity' and tie themselves in knots. They don't help themselves. I don't live in the states and maybe i'm wrong but i'm guessing these people are in a vast minority, but yeah the majority are just brats. They aren't on the left or the right. You get people like that everywhere.

  • Rodolfo Delasancha

    Rodolfo Delasancha


    😂😂🤣😅 so confusing. What's lefter than left? Nutjobs that's what it is

  • Barn Casino

    Barn Casino


    Joe your laugh is so infectious on this episode.

  • Rondu Mason

    Rondu Mason


    I'm very left as far as most thing go but I've gotta admit the story is preposterous.

  • Karl Lattimer

    Karl Lattimer


    left != liberal, one is economic, the other is social. #politicalcompass

  • J. Ray Chrétien

    J. Ray Chrétien


    piranhas are about as aggressive as guppies. Im a leftist and I couldn't give a shit about a click bait story like this but Joe makes a whole show about it. How much of this is the rightwing echo chamber. Joe should do a show on the "war on Christmas" too lol