Google Home: Unboxing & Review

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  • Published on:  Thursday, November 10, 2016
  • Unboxing and Review of the Google Home voice-activated speaker.



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  • Matteo Dicicco

    Matteo Dicicco

     a months ago

    This kept triggering my google home!

  • Ci Stare

    Ci Stare

     2 months ago

    what is the price

  • Ahad Moeen

    Ahad Moeen

     4 months ago

    Can we play Lucky Trivia on that?

  • Rezeriv Fun time

    Rezeriv Fun time

     5 months ago

    Your voice is soooooo annoying

  • SerjG2005


     7 months ago

    Now with wavenet, it makes a big difference in how the assistant sounds like.

  • Samoy TheTimeWaster

    Samoy TheTimeWaster

     8 months ago

    Product Link :

  • applesugarplum


     8 months ago

    who else haves one

  • Farhaz 1807

    Farhaz 1807

     11 months ago

    When you asked your google assistant about the weather, my google home responded as well.

  • Connor Vain De Bon

    Connor Vain De Bon

     a years ago

    Love this video 💖
    It really helped. Me choose what to buy 😁😁😁😁

    Thank you 😊

  • HairBuzz


     a years ago

    It's much faster than the amazon one!!!!!

  • Arch M

    Arch M

     a years ago

    Awesome review, they have launched the Lenovo Smart Display with Google Assistant, and it's just an awesome device. It has so much more features, especially the lovely camera shutter feature haha. I'd suggest get that instead. Lenovo and Google really nailed the Smart Display.

  • Thijs Plays

    Thijs Plays

     a years ago

    Can you swap the plug?

  • Abhichandra V

    Abhichandra V

     a years ago

    Bro.. every time u say ok Google in the video my Google ai is switched on I thought home one was trying to hack but it was ur hack lol...

  • Ben Lawrence

    Ben Lawrence

     a years ago

    the number of times my google assistant activated whilst I was watching this.

  • TrainExplorer


     a years ago

    I got this for Christmas. It's really good

  • Kacper Maksymiuk

    Kacper Maksymiuk

     a years ago


  • RockHyde777


     a years ago

    It looks like an Air Freshener! Always wanted to say it.

  • SayJee


     a years ago

    Okie google how about Mia Khalifa

  • Corey Suarez

    Corey Suarez

     a years ago

    You can have different users on the google home so not just anyone can control it

  • Joyce King

    Joyce King

     2 years ago

    Human race has gotten so lazy with new technology.
    You don't even need to get up to turn off the lights

    I need one XD