Method NA vs Free Marsy | MDI All-stars Finals

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  • Published on:  Monday, November 5, 2018
  • Method NA takes on Free Marsy in the 2018 MDI All-stars Finals BlizzCon.Watch live at information on World of Warcraft and the MDI, visit the links below:MDI 2018: -- Watch live at
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  • Kagua

     8 months ago

    Flood.exe is running

  • kinuuni

     8 months ago

    Same problem for Method NA as with the Method EU team, they are taking too many chances on giant pulls and the deaths lets Marcy win.

  • Crusher

     8 months ago


  • Czkm

     8 months ago


  • Semi

     8 months ago

    12 hours worth of comments and no one mentions the awesome-ness of that Unholy DK AoE. I bet there will be a bunch of new Unholy DKs in the following weeks. Although that gameplay is super niche. It depends on super large pulls which normal groups wouldn't attempt. It was still awesome to see.

  • irlrp

     8 months ago

    360k DPS peak... God... That's pretty insane lol ! Hard to believe they didn't win with such a high DPS... But FM played safe and super solid.

  • TheAverageGamer

     8 months ago

    Dat unholz dk tho, 300k peak dps. Aight then

  • The Yellowflash

     8 months ago

    Also cancel diablo immortal

  • Ryan W

     6 months ago

    The Yellowflash what does this have to do with MDI? are you retarded?

  • Elfezen

     8 months ago

    Not sure what CnTGeTRighT89 said because they deleted their comment but probably they said something generic like ''I can´t believe how incredibly stupid you are. Stupid as a stone that the other stones make fun of. Stupid as the stone that the stone wich the other stones make fun of makes fun of. Meta-stupid. Trans-stupid. Stupid-cubed. Stupid collapsed to a singularity that even the stuponions have collapsed. Stupid so dense that not even the greatest Einstein-like intellect can escape it. Blazing ho...

  • 蘇哲民

     8 months ago

    maybe blizzard think that unholy dk can't have high aoe , high single damage , and good pvp perform. maybe blizzard think that unholy dk should be a junk class hahahaha

  • Shadoum

     8 months ago

    kudos to Cdew not giving up ! well deserved

  • Flovust

     8 months ago

    shakib still not allowed to play?