WWE: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, March 31, 2019
  • John Oliver discusses how the WWE takes care of its wrestlers — and how it doesn’t.

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/m8UQ4O7UiDs


  • Tyler Keller

    Tyler Keller

     2 hours ago

    The fact that pro-wrestlers working for McMahon are not given a pension is disgusting.

  • Ari Heino

    Ari Heino

     18 hours ago

    Wow. USA really is the modern day Rome, complete with expendable gladiators.

  • Angel Cat ❤️

    Angel Cat ❤️

     19 hours ago

    I cried. WTF. I loved WWE. 😭

  • nar ́to Uzumaki

    nar ́to Uzumaki


    so sad .. America is Blind

  • nar ́to Uzumaki

    nar ́to Uzumaki


    i'll stick my Face in there for a Billion Dollar

  • MegaGideo



    Behind every great fortune is a great tragedy.

  • Bryangx



    Can't believe he didn't work in the famous clip of Donald Trump bodyslamming Vince.

  • Dario D'Aversa

    Dario D'Aversa


    Unfortunately, nothing seems changed. Fans weren't very vocal about this -- I guess they don't care THAT much.

  • Hermes Escobar

    Hermes Escobar


    WWE: if you're 20+ come to have fun.
    Death: if you're a retired wrestler clap your hands and sleep well.

  • Them



    that is sad. and there is some dirty stuff going on here but... don't be a wrestler and you'll be ok? like, who gives a shit? our war veterans don't get health care either and nobody gives a shit about them, why would anyone care about wrestle-actors.

  • Timothy Beckman

    Timothy Beckman


    Vince McSham can eat shit as his last meal

  • khalabeeb



    I respect john oliver so much for this, as a massive hardcore wrestling fan myself

  • shocktrauma85


     2 days ago

    17:05 Still very funny to this day.

  • Av63PNT0


     2 days ago

    Back slamming 10-20 feet onto metal stairs how do these guys do this shit year after year, the show is fake but the moves and injuries are real

  • Martin Willis

    Martin Willis

     2 days ago

    17:05 to 17:26 anyone else notice the bald guy wearing the orange shirt in the audience grinning from ear to ear while vince mcmahon went face first into ass cheeks?

  • Papapau


     2 days ago

    #AndrewYang2020 The only presidential candidate the world needs. The most human with the most vision and actual solutions. Even to specific injustices like this with WWE.

    Wake up America. Don't fuck your election again. #googleandrewyang

  • Andrew Finnell

    Andrew Finnell

     2 days ago

    No exit plan? The millions of dollars a year isn’t enough to be able to save up for retirement? What?

  • Santiago


     2 days ago

    And yes although wwe is the major wrestling entertainer there are other in the world and in the us that rival them like impact, ROH, WJPW.

  • Santiago


     2 days ago

    You know that interview with Vince was kayfabe right it was not real

  • Duke Lewis

    Duke Lewis

     2 days ago

    how about people stop watching it? why do people like to watch others in pain. A real solution will be to ask people to stop watching it. What is wrong with us. we like war , we like to watch other countries destroy by our own actions. We like to see people banged on porn, I never watched wwe or wwf , what ever they call themselves now in over 30 years. ADULTS SHOULD NOT BE WATCHING IT .