NBA 2K TRICKED ME INTO SIGNING... so i'm suing them to get my money back

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, December 19, 2018
  • NBA 2K19 released and NBA 2K stole what was rightfully mine. Bout time I get paid for it.Watch my last vid:► Merch:► SUBSCRIBE:► TWITTER:► INSTAGRAM:
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  • ShootEveryone

     7 months ago

    im suing u for wearing fedora

  • Gold WingTV

     6 months ago

    ShootEveryone I’m suing u for not knowing what a fedora looks like

  • Myrick313

     6 months ago

    You're eye lids look like a the skin on a brown girls vagina

  • Ghostkiller166

     7 months ago

    I'm sueing 2k for the airball animation.

  • Blake Marshall

     6 months ago


  • Julius Utsey

     6 months ago

    666th like

  • Sportzyhd

     7 months ago

    Agent out here looking like the 2012 Bruno mars

  • Freaky D

     5 months ago

    Bruno Jupiter

  • D R I F T alt

     6 months ago

    That’s tuff

  • 地下Torushi

     6 months ago

    2k employee: *reads title* *begins profusely sweating*Agent: I’m suing 2k for...2k employee: *sweat intensifies*Agent: For stealing my walk animation when I clearly did it first 2k employee: ._.

  • Vortex NY

     6 months ago

    The backpack kids face is just SO PUNCHABLE

  • Chief Beef

     6 months ago

    Not punchableBut looks annoying

  • Johnson Adewopo

     7 months ago

    Agents finally embracing the Bruno Mars side of him with that hat

  • max rodriguez

     6 months ago

    U mean the Bruno lard side of him?

  • ImCaliBro

     7 months ago

    Lmaoo I’m dead 😂😂😂💀💀

  • Brutalsim Da GuRu

     7 months ago

    I would agree with your conclusion if 2K wasn't charging us to use those dances, I think where they might find some difficulty is in the trademarking of these dances tho, but one the figure out how to patent these dances etc. I think they'll have a better case in the future.

  • Hippie LP

     6 months ago

    I think everyone should really look into the legalities because agent seems to know what he’s talking about but he’s so wrong. He was right when he said he had little understanding of these things. Which is kinda sad being that he is a content creator himself, he should know copyright laws.

  • Dusty Perdue

     6 months ago

    Brutalsim Da GuRu I think the issue is not the dance, but it’s the fact they are using the third party’s recognition factor to push the dance. (ie calling the dance backpack or 2 fresh) So if they named the animation dance 1 or dance 2 there is probably one case.

  • Khalil

     7 months ago

    10:18 ‘Your game is in the dance’ 😂

  • Izuku Midoriya

     26 days ago

    I was wondering did agent hear that

  • J T

     1 months ago

    I didn't notice that at first

  • Thunderbolt210

     7 months ago

    I like how agent is making fun of the guys suing 2K for legit stealing there dances. But 2k been stealing his money with bullshit micro transactions for years now lolLoyalties are confused my guy

  • Lucky Number 7

     1 months ago

    They didn't copyright the dances and they don't steal money you give by choice.

  • Slurp69

     4 months ago

    You can’t sue movement of a human body

  • First Boss

     7 months ago

    I’ve been blinking since I was born where is my money 2k