First time in Philippines - First Impression of Philippines 🇵🇭

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 9, 2018
  • If you have never been in Philippines before, knowing what you can expect from Philippines is important to better plan you vacation / trips. Philippines was actually one of the highlights of our Southeast Asia trip. From culture, food, people, scenery, Philippines literally has everything to offer everyone. The main first impression in Philippines that you will get is that you will probably shock/surprise on how cheap it is to travel in Philippines, which make it perfect for budget travel / backpackers who first time traveling to Southeast Asia. In this video, we reveal our first impression on our trip in Philippines together as a mixed traveling couple. We covers the first impression aspect on Filipino food ( Filipino cuisine) , Filipino people, some social norm of Philippines; culture. and more.All in all, we wish you find this video helpful to plan out your trip in Philippines either one day trip, short term or long term travel. by no mean we are criticizing the country, but we just want to share our thought and experience to help you manage your expectation based on our travel experience in Philippines as we do believe that knowing what you can expect will totally make your trip more amazing as well.Where is filmed in this travel video ? Dumaguete, Valencia, Siquijor island, Apo island, Cebu, Palawan, Bais City, EL Nido, Coron and ManilaLast but not least ! We surely believe you will love traveling Philippines ! Have fun if you are planing to travel there ! β‡’ Free downloadable Philippines checklist ( What you need to know and packing tips )☼ H I G H L Y R E C O M M E N D E D : β‡’ CEPTICS Power Adapter :β‡’ BAG - Our travel camera bag that we are very pleased with - TO FOLLOW ALONG OUR JOURNEY AND SUPPORT US ? :⌲ SUBSCRIBE to get daily dose of adventure and life of travelers as mixed Thai-American couple⌲ BECOME A PATREON: to keep us on the road, also you will get access to special community perks beyond in YouTube channel⌲ LET'S CONNECT!--⌲ Cool MERCH and inside TRAVEL TIPS:⌲ Check out our travel resources β‡’ SAVE ON AIRBNB UP TO $40:β‡’ OTHER ACCOMMODATION :β‡’ TRAVEL ESSENTIAL :β™‘ Love the video about Southeast Asia ? Here are some of our informative Videos we highly recommend : β‡’ How much will Southeast Asia Cost ?β‡’ What I Wish I Knew Before Started Traveling 🌎✈️β‡’ Ultimate Southeast Asia Travel Tips : DivertlivingAmerican and Thai travel couple left the career in military and finance to become travel story teller. We met in 2015 in South Korea when Jimmy was in U.S. army and Tah studied for bachelor degree. In 2017, September, we both started traveling and created ' divertliving ' to share with world that we are not rich, but we can still travel well and enjoy our life. The content is uploaded almost everyday, providing real travel experience, traveling tips, struggle we have been through while traveling. You will see how it is like traveling as a mixed couple, it is greatly challenging in terms of cultural difference ( and so many more differences )☼ OUR CAMERA GEAR - Our Travel and Vlogging Kit is always changing / added you can check it out here for the real time update : have been inspired to pursue our dream of traveling the world by many amazing youtubers travel vlogger, we would love to show gratitute and let you know who has inspired divert living channel in so many ways : +Kara and nate +casey neistat +lostleblanc +funforluis +wil dasovich +mark weins#divertliving #philippinestourism #philippinestravel___Travel Tag :Philippines travel documentaryPhilippines first impressionPhilippines travel guidePhilippines backpacking tipsPhilippines travel tipsFirst time in Philippines - what I need to knowSoutheast Asia budget travel destination
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  • Divert Living

     9 months ago

    ☼ What surprise you the most about the Philippines ? let us know in the comment below !:) β–ΆοΈŽ How about Bali, Indonesia ? Check this out :

  • pro gamer 3131

     16 days ago

    Im pilipino thanks so much for all salamat

  • janan berserker

     1 months ago


  • jbdiolas diolas

     9 months ago

    poor pilipino: no problem about money!my heartbeat stop for a second and think. i have so mich money but i couldn't afford to smile like you guys? feels so sick😭I'm from Finland ''the Happiest country on Earth'' ehem! happiest and yet I can't feel that happines. Everytime I go to work I feel like a ghost while driving, the people there doesn't even know to how to smile so do IπŸ™„I must say Pilipinos are the Happiest! when i was in the Philippines everytime i walk down on a street I always see pe...

  • ᴀɴɢᴇʟ ɢᴀᴍɪɴɢ

     5 days ago

    Halatang filipino finland pang nalalaman

  • Semeo Acab

     11 days ago

    Thankyou sir😘😘

  • Caelan Williamson

     4 months ago

    I love my Filipina girlfriend. She is the sweetest and most kind hearted person I have ever met. I've never received love, care and respect from another human the way she does for me. I plan on moving to the Philippines with her to Davao to start a life in farmland. Leaving America for good. I'm currently learning Tagalog and she's one of the best teachers I've ever had as well. Thank God for her in my life.

  • Gieann Gandeza

     8 hours ago

    Good luck to both of youπŸ‘πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

  • Edwin Jr

     17 hours ago

    you are lucky a filipina gf will always taker of you

  • Bor Sativa

     7 months ago

    Phillipines is the most richiest country in the world.. not about monny.. its about life..

  • maka pinoy

     3 days ago

    so greeny rich in natural resources

  • ariel coro

     1 months ago

    Bor Sativa Thank u πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ˜

  • 61astokman

     10 days ago

    I have been to the Philippines 6 times now with my Filipino wife and daughter. I love the country. Most of the time I have been in the southern city of davao. The people are really awesome. This last trip I came from the airport and forgot my cell phone in the taxi. I realized it was missing and was trying to figure out where it might have been misplaced. I thought it might be in the taxi cab. I went down to the front desk of the place I was staying and amazingly the taxi driver was there with my pho...

  • icecreambev

     6 months ago

    If Filipinos are eating they will invite you to eat if you dont eat they’ll feel sad πŸ˜…


     3 days ago

    @obie juan In the province it's purely vegetables that are served. Eating meat is a luxury. lol.

  • P' Puimek

     8 days ago

    @icecreambev lmao same

  • maleman julpax

     6 months ago

    Filipinos, i guess, prefer more friends than more money.

  • Marissa Balloging

     25 days ago

    Absolutely right.

  • Noel Curray

     1 months ago

    Kayamanan ang kaibigan.

  • X Finity

     8 months ago

    The Philippines might not be the most richest and developed country anymore, but the people, and their happiness in life, even with very little things, is out of this world! The Filipinos are the most happiest people in the universe!

  • mark jordan

     1 months ago

    Philippines is not man made, its Gods materpiece, like geneve, italy and other countries. God's creation and the edge of the world..

  • Honey Alcantara

     7 months ago

    Indeed it is. That's how we really are 😊

  • Einsley Harriot

     6 months ago

    Lmfao i'm half filipino currently residing at NY. i visited my mom's beautiful home country a year ago (Philippines) and i must say i love it!! the people were so nice, this sure brings tears into my eyes thinking that my mom grew up there living with all these wonderful people. PS. I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE LECHON!

  • Pinoy masabaw

     6 months ago

    i love lechon too... lol

  • Marinong Pinoy

     6 months ago

    Hope you can visit philippines again soon...everybody is welcome in our country (well except Terrorists!!)..πŸ˜†

  • Eli Yana

     6 months ago

    Great video! This reminds me of someone I met a few years back when I was in London and having lunch with friends. This random english guy just invited himself over at our table and asked if he could spend his coffee time with Filipinos who he thinks are the happiest people in the world. At first we thought he was a con man but when he said he just visited Tondo, Manila a few weeks before, we warmed up immediately and he was happy for the welcoming space he got and the offer of extra food we have on t...

  • Bibi Angeles

     2 months ago

    This is what our Ms. Universe, Catriona Gray referred to as a "silver lining."

  • southerngirl 008

     5 months ago

    Omg I am a Filipino... I can't stop my tears after reading your post. For me, perhaps most of us think this way because we know how hard life is, how it feels to be hungry, to feel abandoned, to be beaten by nature, to have nothing... And we don't want another person to experience that... We also know that life is short and can be taken away from us anytime, we also see from our relatives the sacrifices they made for us and because of that we cherish the simple things, we are able to feel that famil...