5 Times WoW Players Received GM ITEMS!

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  • Published on:  Saturday, December 15, 2018
  • There are many cool and rare items that only Blizzard GameMasters can get, here are 5 times World of Warcraft players got GM only items!▼Follow Me On Twitter!▼https://twitter.com/itsvaultyHope you enjoyed this #vaulty video! Subscribe for more #WoW Battle for Azeroth videos!▼ SUBSCRIBE for more quality content ▼https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYYa...Music by Kevin MacLeod. Available under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license. Download link: https://incompetech.com/music/royalty...
  • Source: https://youtu.be/mF0UxzbR9IU


  • Alexandra Andersson

    Alexandra Andersson

     8 months ago +644

    I actually think there is too many actuallys in the video, actually

  • BootlessDave


     7 months ago +438

    The fact that Blizzard bans players for their mistakes is just pathetic.

  • E Z

    E Z

     8 months ago +173

    i don't think the first guy should have been permanently banned. if anything fire the GM, who wouldn't use something like that if you got it.

  • JohnGamingFuntime


     8 months ago +277

    I'm actually offended by actually how many actual time he actually says actually.

  • Tosuto


     7 months ago +144

    English Teacher: Your Speech must be at least 3 minutes long

  • RefleX


     5 months ago +24

    He said "Actually' 84 times in a video...

  • TheDrexxus


     7 months ago +66

    Dude... You need a speech therapist. The fact you start every single sentence with "actually" is actually a problem.
    You don't even need the word at all. Instead of saying "He actually got to keep his mount" you simply say "He got to keep his mount."
    Or instead of "He didn't actually know what was going on" you simply say "He didn't know what was going on"
    Do you say how utterly pointless it is to add that frivolous word to every sentence?

  • Boco Corwin

    Boco Corwin

     8 months ago +80

    Why so many dislikes?
    Edit: ok, I actually see now

  • E Nikata

    E Nikata

     8 months ago +82

    I had a GM do something cool for me last year. I was on my rogue and did a sneak attack on an infernal, but rather than fighting my character fell through the ground and began to plummet into the nothingness that lies under the game world. Because I was "moving" I couldn't hearthstone or move to a graveyard and a log out and log in didn't fix it. I send into a trouble ticket and a GM answered in a couple of hours later. He fixed the problem then said "just been looking over your account" and I thought I'd done something wrong. Turns out he was happy to see I'd pre-purchased Legion, WoD and MoP so gave me 30 days game time for free :D I was really shocked but very happy.

  • Laxus D

    Laxus D

     8 months ago +93

    Wowd of Worcwuaft

  • Nangeala




  • Joshua Pierre

    Joshua Pierre

     4 months ago +27

    2:10 temporarily banning people for just being in the same guild that weren't even present in the raid is just stupid.

  • Agalypa


     8 months ago +37

    If you'd gotten a dollar for each time you said "However and Actually" on this video, you would be a millionaire my friend :P

  • Trixarian


     7 months ago +22

    Actually, the guy (Leroyspeltz, actually) that actually got Martin Fury actually gave it to Karatechop. They used it in EoE and OS too, actually

  • Hawt Pink Shlickem

    Hawt Pink Shlickem

     4 days ago

    love the female orc death sound. sounds like someone throwing up

  • Xatrix


     7 months ago +33

    Actually, this guy is actually a pretty crazy guy, actually. Actually yes, I am actually right about this. Actually.

  • Johnny Far

    Johnny Far

     4 days ago

    actually i wish someone with actually big hands would actually punch your actually face!

  • Randall Wade

    Randall Wade

     8 months ago +31

    I remember I was playing wow right before TBC came out & a GM flew into the dusk wood area ON A DRAGON, my mind was blown... but it got better, he asked if I wanted to see something cool & (obviously) I said yes. The GameMaster’s dragon breathed flames on NPC’s & players killing everyone (myself included).

  • Tom Goodwin

    Tom Goodwin

     8 months ago +24

    Actually a 10 minute video where actually puts 3 adds in and actually asks the viewer in the first 10 minutes to watch the video till and make me actually not want to watch it.
    actually actually actually actually

  • Gh0stR


     4 days ago

    so, actually... video title actually says "5 GM items".... how is Al'ar a gm item..? unless you actually meant "5 items from gm-s"..?