Deontay Wilder - An Original Bored Film Documentary

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  • Published on:  Friday, May 3, 2019
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    Deontay Wilder is the WBC heavyweight champion of the world. A knockout artist with unmatched power. This original documentary examines the career of the Bronze bomber. Experience the knockouts, the power, the insane force of Deontay Wilder as you never have before. - Please support this channel on Patreon for exclusive content. We need your support to continue onwards. Thanks.

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  • Joseph Vincent

    Joseph Vincent

     7 months ago +125

    Thank you MANSCAPED for sponsoring this video! Get 20% OFF Manscaped + Free Shipping w/ Promo Code BOREDFILM20 at

  • Christopher Do44

    Christopher Do44

     32 minutes ago

    Best Heavy Weights come from the USA. That's how it always will be. That's how it should be. He fighting for his kids.

  • Christopher Do44

    Christopher Do44

     37 minutes ago

    Deontay man. What a weapon. We want Deontay Vs A.J.

  • Vadim D

    Vadim D

     2 days ago


  • Rioli33


     3 days ago

    Joe. Your Vids are amazing. I can just sit and watch them all day. Much respect to you !

  • Aadil Saifullah

    Aadil Saifullah

     4 days ago +1

    4:00 I thought the ref was talking

  • MrYoungAddis


     4 days ago +1

    "You've just been erased"

  • Billie West

    Billie West

     5 days ago

    In a day and age when so many jackasses think it is funny to have multiple children with multiple women and don't do a damn thing to support them hats off to Wilder absolutely awesome story I said it in another comment and I'll gladly say it again Joseph Vincent best damn Sports doc I've seen in a long time

  • Billie West

    Billie West

     5 days ago

    Joseph Vincent..... Best damn Sports doc I have seen in a long time! I am so fired up right now. I can't wait to see that rematch. There is no way I'm going to be able to get to sleep now. LMAO.... Definitely one time that I am going to be just fine with paying an arm and a leg to see a fight.

  • Tarh Rana

    Tarh Rana

     5 days ago

    Watever d people's or d haters say, I respect and love this guy. Am a huge fan.. I don't care if he have or haven't boxing techniques and boxing finesse.. His power packed right hand is a 12 round eraser, for sure... A guy who started his boxing career at 21 n an Olympic medallist just after 1 year is fucking amazing n mind blowing.. And having a record of 42 matches, 41 KO N 1 draw is just OMG.. Am a wilder fan n will always support him win or lose... Lots of love from a fan, from INDIA.. BOMB

  • Amante Apasionado

    Amante Apasionado

     5 days ago

    Quit college at 19 to drive truck so he can pay for his daughters special needs, than at 21 he needs more money and tries his luck at boxing and goes straight to the top. If that aint the perfect American hero story idk what is.

  • Brandon Sitko

    Brandon Sitko

     7 days ago

    that was a 10 count on fury... ref blew that one

  • Alexander Smith

    Alexander Smith

     7 days ago +1

    That intro and sponsor is absolutely amazing



     7 days ago

    Black Dudes: Deontay the best because he knock people out and he a fighter.

    Also Black Dudes : Mayweather is the best because he is a technical fighter. it's not about knocking people out it's about scoring most points.

  • Liam Hailey

    Liam Hailey

     7 days ago

    This shit is awesome watching them beat the shit out of each other but why I’ve had concussions and it’s not worth it these guys are doing permanent damage.

  • Bernardo De Oliveira

    Bernardo De Oliveira

     7 days ago

    He made heavyweight interesting again 👊

  • Orlandov Halawa

    Orlandov Halawa

     7 days ago

    No offense but after that Fury fight, i am rooting for Tyson Fury, he knows not to Quit...!!!

  • DJ Revolver

    DJ Revolver

     7 days ago


  • Jungleboy 223

    Jungleboy 223

     7 days ago

    His opponents said they think he could knock out a bull just imagine getting hit with that type of power 💤💤💤

  • Icy God

    Icy God

     7 days ago +1

    Jon jones vs wilder?