The WORST BURGERS On Kitchen Nightmares

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  • Published on:  Saturday, October 6, 2018
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  • life is life and life is unfair

     25 days ago

    So what we know about Jen: 1. She is 64 years old 2. She is medium rare girl3. She is not powerful even though she is the owner.

  • Fugo's Fork

     2 days ago

    Wasn't it Gen

  • Light. exe

     3 days ago


  • ϟϟ Reich Master ϟϟ

     1 months ago

    “How do you run out of potatoes?”Ireland:*nervous laughter*

  • autistic dalek



  • YouTube Premium

     3 days ago

    *sweats in Irish*

  • ThePurpleSheep

     1 months ago

    Legend says she's still 64 to this day

  • Renatra Hafidh

     4 days ago

    and legend says she's still a medium rare girl

  • Soggy Pizzas

     2 months ago

    *_jen on death row_*Officer: any last wordsJen: *IM A 64 YEAR OLD WOMAN*


     9 days ago

    im face-palming rn.. bet dis guy is like 13 or sum. tHat DoESnt MaKe SenSE.. if you were smart youd actually get the joke?

  • Megan G

     5 months ago

    “I’m a meat sculptor.”*Barely heats up a frozen beef patty and throws it on a plate*

  • YouTube Premium

     3 days ago

    @Noah Gritsky how desperate must you be to try flirting in the YouTube comments section 😅🤦

  • Ashley Lake

     15 days ago

    How old is the old hag? I can't believe she tried to hate on the mans burger. Even I could see that his burger looked tasty af! She's just jealous that her husbands meat isn't as "big" and "juicy" as the Chief's.

  • Lorenzo Quirante

     1 months ago

    No one: Allan: calmly eating his burger while his wife is having a breakdown

  • Sauce Boss

     18 days ago

    Gordon: But more importantly I think Allan needs youAllan: *calmly eating a burger*

  • Mary Comiskey

     26 days ago

    "the lelas famous burger recipe is top secret." _*Gordon literally made them in front of the camera_

  • Jordy

     5 days ago

    Oh no my gate

  • Eggy Moose

     2 months ago

    “I’m a 64 year old woman, I’m not that powerful”A 64 year old who is also the owner.

  • ItzRally7

     23 days ago

    Speaking of old women and power, a 93 year old woman is also a Queen and is very powerful

  • Nyla McGrier

     1 months ago

    Title says wost burgers,first burger is one that Ramsey made...EXPLAIN

  • Samuel Kim

     19 days ago

    ElHiars Wow, you must watch a lot of Binging with Babish and Hell’s Kitchen! Mr. Jamie Oliver + Guy Fieri’s child is here and he’s a fucking genius


     19 days ago

    @ElHiars Nothing wrong with just plain hamburger and like some salt and pepper on a grill, but seasoning and mixing your beef with ingredients doesn't mean it's not a burger

  • brystiller011

     2 months ago

    “SUCK ON THIS BURGER JEN!” i love this guy

  • xwenzl

     6 days ago

    Nighthowler6657's channel Best reply ever lol

  • Nighthowler6657's channel

     a months ago