Who Controls All of Our Money?

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  • Published on:  Sunday, June 11, 2017
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    The Creature From Jekyll Island: A Second Look At The Federal Reserve (1994) - G. Edward Griffin

    The Money Masters (1996) - William T. Still



    Graham Towers full written interview http://www.michaeljournal.org/articles/social-credit/item/money-is-created-by-banks-evidence-given-by-graham-towers

    Paul Tucker Quote:

    Marriner eccles Quote :

    James. A. Garfield:

    Central Banks put in place after 2000:



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  • Raad AlSiya

    Raad AlSiya

     39 minutes ago

    I have a question that no one else pointed out but probably noticed.
    Why did the people that watched this if they did gave the video a thumbs down? Do you not believe that this true?

  • Tim Ivanchuk

    Tim Ivanchuk

     2 hours ago

    @coldfusion if that blew your mind, get a load of the truth behind the income tax, 26 USC Subtitle A.

  • matt playz

    matt playz

     4 hours ago +1


  • Fred Cook

    Fred Cook

     7 hours ago

    Pretty soon Americans will be wiping there asses with George Washington’s face

  • Chris Florida

    Chris Florida

     8 hours ago

    Love the Background music..

  • Barry Smith

    Barry Smith

     17 hours ago

    The Fed is a private company created in 1913 to eventually collapse the global economy. Governments can't stop it.

  • Freedom Music

    Freedom Music

     yesterday +2

    This really was an interesting documentary! Thank you very much! I learned a lot!




    Jacob Rothschild owns every Central Banking System in almost every country except for about 3. Rothschild owns the US Federal Reserve Bank and the Bank of Canada. Rothschild owns the scheme named The Stock Market. If you understand how the Stock market works you understand Rothschild gets a monetary piece of every product put on the Stock Market. Rothschild the notorious gangster and Al Capone the notorious gangster used the same scheme. Both wanted a piece of the action. Unlike Rothschild, Al Capone gave back to take care of his community. Rothschild is the worst SINNER on the flat earth. I would not doubt that he chats occasionally with Lucifer himself . Rothschild is "The Lover of Money" personified. Rothschild and Lucifer are the root of all evil today.

    Rothschild has said He who Owns the Bank Rules the Country."

    Four past US Presidents made a Bill to stop the Rothschild Family from Controlling the US Federal Central Bank. After John F. Kennedy speech about the elite, he was killed about 6 months later. The 4 presidents that were murdered by the Rothschild Family:

    Abraham Lincoln

    James A. Garfield

    William McKinley

    John F. Kennedy

    President John F Kennedy Secret Society Speech below:

    The Lord God rebuke Jacob Rothschild Amen!

  • Majd Alusta

    Majd Alusta


    Watch zeitgeist!!!
    You will understand

  • Margaret Greenwood

    Margaret Greenwood


    NB. Kennedy tried to do a Lin old but was assassinated

  • Margaret Greenwood

    Margaret Greenwood


    Didn't Kennedy do a similar thing to Lincoln?

  • Yuri Bezmenov

    Yuri Bezmenov


    All wars are banker wars. The man who fought the bank.

  • Anton Kokić

    Anton Kokić


    Murray Rothbard was right all along

  • elavatorfun



    So money (cloaked in religion) was one of the big reasons why the scramble and control of the world happened (in some parts of the world of course) money = power... not to bring enlightenment etc

  • Quiet Spark

    Quiet Spark


    None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.





  • Power to the Sheeple

    Power to the Sheeple

     2 days ago

    The reality is that you don't need money for anything and is actually hindering human progress. Most people can't even wrap their heads around this idea because the thought that you need money has been burned into your brain since birth. Creation of anything you can imagine throughout history never needed any form of money to be created - humans created it, not money. As far as a hindrance to society goes: how many medicines, inventions or technologies have been stifled because "that would be too expensive". No other species of animal on this planet needs money to thrive, so why do humans? The simple answer is we don't.

  • Power to the Sheeple

    Power to the Sheeple

     2 days ago

    The money and banking system is the single most and longest success of human slavery to have ever been invented and perpetuated.

  • Power to the Sheeple

    Power to the Sheeple

     2 days ago

    Took a money and banking class in college as an elective. It was at an engineering university and just about everyone in the class was massively pissed off after we took it as the logical thought engineers go through has no place in the banking world. The federal reserve is the biggest scam to have ever been pulled on America. And the current population is way to dumb to figure this out.

  • Loki Beckons

    Loki Beckons

     2 days ago

    how do the tax havens as exposed in the panama papers fit into these situations? Cayman Islands, Jersey, etc? Thanks for the awesome video btw