Why Are Young Americans Embracing Socialism? | The Daily Show

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  • Published on:  Friday, June 7, 2019
  • Jaboukie Young-White talks to young people and Senator Bernie Sanders to find out why socialism isn’t the taboo it once was.

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/mX6PZNNX1Zk


  • Patrick Mazza

    Patrick Mazza

     3 days ago

    No socialism

  • იაკოპო თავდამსხმელი

    იაკოპო თავდამსხმელი

     6 days ago

    The so called small business leaders in Eurasia before bolshevik revolution were actually harsh landlords who were stealing the goods of the people. Generic businesspeople weren't at the target of socialists and they were even co-operating. Gulags were simply prisons for those greedy landlords and weren't worse than USA's political prisons. Yes, USSR wasn't the most free state ever but was USA any better at the era? I bet a newly found USSR would be much more free than every country in the world. We have been divided for so long. We want our union back.

  • R A R

    R A R

     7 days ago

    When taxes go up to 95 percent for everyone, gas taxes, everywhere taxes, don't say that isn't socialism. The kids don't know history. When Reagan said that freedom could be gone within a generation, this is what he meant. You all are celebrating government control over individual liberty. Trump is going to win so big!!!!

  • A Google User

    A Google User

     14 days ago

    bernie sanders is lula da silva 2.0

  • Jason Phillips

    Jason Phillips

     14 days ago

    Thats where democratic socialism will go. Authoritarianism socilism then communism after that. Wake up

  • John Doe

    John Doe

     14 days ago

    Is there really any difference between a socialist society ran by a dictator and a socialist society ran by a democratic majority if you’re neither the dictator or the majority???

  • skini


     21 days ago

    Feels good to live in Sweden with my functioning health care XD. Hope you Americans live to next year

  • Mohamed Bahaa

    Mohamed Bahaa

     21 days ago

    Let the record show that I am fully persuing buying Jabokie's outfit in this video:

  • Red Pill 1/2 Black

    Red Pill 1/2 Black

     21 days ago

    They left out the part where bernie said he is anti capitalism

  • Wet Yeti

    Wet Yeti

     21 days ago

    Weird how every person from a socialist country (state capitalist in the case of the USSR, Venezuela, Cuba, etc.) that talks about the evils of socialism comes from a rich family......

  • Wet Yeti

    Wet Yeti

     21 days ago +1

    Bernie: “Your generation was raised during the Great Recession. You have seen the damage Crony Capitalism and Plutocracy has caused. You are leaving school with debts that you will be paying off for the rest of your lives. And you are less likely than your parents to find a good paying job with your degree. Housing for your generation is much less affordable. Your generation literally cannot afford to buy a house. Healthcare is unaffordable. You will have a lower standard of living than your parents.”

    That Lady that hates socialism: “Your generation has grown up with so much prosperity, that you think socialism will make things better?” (Total gaslight)

  • Asel Peugh

    Asel Peugh

     21 days ago

    People need to earn their own money. Money can’t just be handed to them. That is what socialism is. Countries like North Korea and China were once socialist but then they got turned into communism. Socialism is the first step to communism. I don’t like the idea of Socialism because some rich people actually earn their money.

  • iowasenator


     1 months ago

    There is a problem with today's Leftists and Right-wingers in the United States: they are both highly authoritarian and not truly capitalistic. A socialist state is predicated upon authoritarianism. The two simply can't be separated.

  • Jay Muzquiz

    Jay Muzquiz

     1 months ago

    Socialism is the dictatorship of the proletariat within the transitional state between capitalism and communism where the state controls the means of production and the redistribution of wealth through a strict enforcement of abolishing private property. The Scandinavian countries are not socialist they are free market economies with generous goverment assistance which they have been actively rolling back since the 1990s. People who have used the term " Democratic Socialism " Joseph Stalin, Vladimir Lenin, Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez to name a few. You want to see Democratic Socialism at work? There's no need to travel to Cuba or Venezuela, a simple drive through inner city Oakland, Detriot, Chicago, St Louis, Baltimore, Compton, LA, Richmond, DC, New Orleans etc, etc. These places all have imposed socialist policies public housing, guaranteed income, socialized healthcare, public education, strict gun control, abortion on demand, a giant administrative state, one party rule, a progressive income tax. Show me any ghetto, hood barrio or Indian Reservation and I'll show you a place where Democrats and Socialist are in charge.

  • Jay Muzquiz

    Jay Muzquiz

     1 months ago

    Socialist be like, "Let's impose a political & economic system that's been tried in Angola, Austria, Armenia, Afghanistan, Albania, Azerbaijan, Benin, Bessarabia, Bulgaria, Bukavia, Belarus, Burkina Fasso, Cuba, Cambodia, Congo, China Czeklosavacia, Ethiopia, Estonia, Finland, Georgia, Germany, Grenada, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Iran, Kumpuchia, Laos, Latavia, Lithuania, Madagascar, Mongolia, Mahabad, Macedonia, Marquetalia, Mozambique, Moldovia, Nicaragua, North Korea, Poland, Romania, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekastan, Vietnam, Venezuela Somalia, Slovakia, Yugoslavia, Yemen, Zanzibar!
    Which didn't just fail but catastrophically Fucking failed! It destroyed & enslaved the nations it infected with over a 100 million butchered in the gulags in the last century alone! But that wasn't real socialism even though we can't clearly define it let alone agree on what it is. But don't worry you can trust us, we know what we're doing, even though we get everything not just wrong but as wrong as wrong can be! How many genders are there again?

  • AC Milan Blog 1899 Channel

    AC Milan Blog 1899 Channel

     1 months ago

    Don’t be stupid it will be a big mistake if you think Socialism would benefit you. Just learn from history. I personally think anyone that loves Socialism is basically a lazy person that wants things handed to him/her

  • 360 Fish Slayers

    360 Fish Slayers

     1 months ago

    Stop! Socialism is proven NOT TO WORK!

  • Nathaniel Acharya

    Nathaniel Acharya

     1 months ago

    "My father was killed in a Gulag"
    Ahem. I think you mean WORKED to death in a Gulag, you fucking Kulak.

  • Hendricus Maximus

    Hendricus Maximus

     1 months ago

    Good to know, that the American Youth is uneducated. If you would try to get through the German school system without hearing, how bad it went for the GDR oder hearing it somewhere in public, than you aren't a ninja anymore

  • Ruben Van Spankeren

    Ruben Van Spankeren

     1 months ago

    Leftist propaganda