Dark Cosmic Jhin | Login Screen - League of Legends

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  • Published on:  Thursday, June 13, 2019
  • The official login screen for Dark Cosmic Jhin.
  • Source: https://youtu.be/mhkQ4NaNeOA


  • yaderx1

     1 months ago

    This is creepy and beautiful at the same time. This is the art incarnated. This is perfection itself.This is Jhin.

  • TheAlpha

     8 days ago

    4 lines, eh?

  • kadag

     11 days ago

    4444 four

  • Didi

     1 months ago

    *exhales and inhales exactly four times before running to the computer*

  • Didi

     1 months ago

    @TMG 100 jhin didn't become four arms*he is four*

  • TMG 100

     1 months ago

    since when did he become four armes

  • Dark_Lord7000

     1 months ago

    Jhin is only getting better with time

  • Jhinger Man

     23 days ago

    THE DARK LORD IS HERE*throws cheese balls*

  • yraco

     25 days ago

    @Dark_Lord7000 Nah we gotta get it to 4444 because that's 4 written 4 times (I'm a genius I know)

  • Nia

     1 months ago

    Prestige kDA Skins: £10000 Dark Cosmic Jhin: £10Riot?

  • Accelerator

     1 months ago

    DONT GIVE THEM ANY IDEAS.Be happy this jhin skin is cheap..

  • SitOnMeDokkaebi

     1 months ago

    InsideZane No, I got 3 prestige skin and I can tell you that one of them did cost me 130$ USD.

  • Swanflight

     1 months ago

    The riot music team is carrying the game on its back holy

  • The Wild Hunt

     4 days ago

    Artaxerxes Dont care how many of you there are.

  • Baisan Sebastian

     4 days ago

    @The Wild Hunt Ehm...Akali,Pyke,Irelia,Yasuo,DFG,Mordekaiser on release,Tank Ekko,Tank Karma,Kai'sa in the last 9 patch cycles pretty much,Ezreal and Tristana being able to ignore hooks,Rakan being gutted into the dirt,Lee Sin being immune to nerfs, Yuumi being utter cancer to face,Tresh being immune to nerfs,Lucian dominating botlane for ages, Jungle being able to camp toplane and keep up in levels,Aatrox bonanza during the 75% healing increase,Riven top being still broken beyond relief,Fiora rework b...

  • Akcrman

     1 months ago

    bless you riot WILL JHIN EVER HAVE A BAD SKIN?

  • Ghiocyz

     5 days ago

    Project wasn't that good imo

  • rex plays games

     6 days ago

    @Totally Not A Vietnamese They could make his model literally the number 4 and I'd still buy it

  • Xeybay Music

     1 months ago

    This is truely a jhinious masterpiece, I love how they kept a lot of his original theme's atributes.Perfection.

  • Ben Brunt

     13 days ago

    Imagine a blood moon Sona

  • Flamie sama

     1 months ago

    A little history on the high noon jhins looks,, it was actually suppose to be its own champion,but then they scrap that idea then later kindred was born, then this whole cowboy adc champion theme was later turned into high noon jhin,,,

  • Alvatorz

     1 months ago

    The Fast has ascended beyond the speed of lightand has become the shadow that it casts

  • Geo Bladewing

     1 months ago

    I see you've watched The Fast's vids too

  • John Fernandez

     1 months ago

    put some bubble wrap there, its too edgy m8

  • khada jhin

     1 months ago

    *Artistic heavy breath*😪

  • Khada Jhin

     2 days ago

    @Kachigga My Nig These Fools are copying me

  • Khada Jhin

     2 days ago

    @Kachigga My Nig No

  • Jendi

     1 months ago

    This looks and sounds absolutely amazing. Mad props.

  • Owrange Moosic

     1 months ago

    nice pfp

  • Pixelize 13

     1 months ago

    @kemo gaming and so are they...Dont shoot that 4th bullet please im just making a joke dont take it seriously SKT forever....