Istanbul Fake Bazaar Spree!

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  • Published on:  Saturday, August 18, 2018
  • Today we travel to Istanbul, Turkey to bargain in the Holy Grail of markets, The Grand Bazaar! It get's crazy as I bargain for things such as Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Nike, Givenchy, Moncler and much more! So come along!

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    House Arrest - Eric Reprid
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  • Collin Abroadcast

    Collin Abroadcast

     3 months ago +29

    SUBSCRIBE to the second channel NO CLUE

  • not d0ri3l

    not d0ri3l

     19 hours ago

    U should go tirane, albania

  • Littlebroccoli


     20 hours ago +1

    Our people make prizes expensier for tourists like that balenciaga shirt was 10 lira

  • Littlebroccoli


     20 hours ago +1

    Man I'm from Turkey Istanbul and they scammed you I laughed while I'm watching the video 🇹🇷🇹🇷😂😂

  • A Lima.

    A Lima.

     23 hours ago

    What about the quality of what u bought?zippers etc.

  • Kstar Records

    Kstar Records


    @ 8 min 39 seconds

  • Kstar Records

    Kstar Records


    Where is this in grandbazaar

  • Kurdish YouTube - كوردش يوتوب

    Kurdish YouTube - كوردش يوتوب


    Veryyyyyyy good video 👍👍❤

  • Milad Lotfi

    Milad Lotfi

     4 days ago

    COME TO IRAN MAN🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷

  • Jessica Topete

    Jessica Topete

     4 days ago

    I’ve heard this is one of the rudest places to be. Working for turkish airlines makes say from the experience of the flight attendants, they are sooo rude.
    Suprised you think otherwise

  • Captain Junior

    Captain Junior

     6 days ago +1

    No one:

    Villagers: 0:01

  • Hava K

    Hava K

     7 days ago

    Man I miss istanbul 😢

  • Free Fire

    Free Fire

     7 days ago +1

    You have to go in morocco in rabat we have biiiiiiiiiig place for fake and good quality like phone and tshirt and sweet and shoes and jacket and for food its not expansive like for food 0,5$ 1$ or 2$ and i want see vlog in morocco 🇲🇦 omgg

  • dindek


     7 days ago

    i bought a nike backpack for 5 euro and what can i say its not possible to buy even cheapest one non brand for this ammount....

  • Mohammad AL Moudab

    Mohammad AL Moudab

     7 days ago

    Hahahahh you badass 😂

  • ItzYoGyalCuTiE


     7 days ago

    6:00 I had tried bargaining from a Turkish woman for those similar items back then but she won't sadly. 😭 She had the good goods too, good good dupes.

  • Elle s

    Elle s

     7 days ago

    What's the song 10:50?

  • Danfuerth Gillis

    Danfuerth Gillis

     7 days ago

    Just one disturbing question....Why the hell are people getting Hitler Youth style haircuts? Wtf it looks pathetic shaving the sides of your with that puffed up top hair. Beta males all over the place with that crap.

  • SUPERYOUTUBER Guess who i am

    SUPERYOUTUBER Guess who i am

     7 days ago

    Just asking can u get weed in Istanbul turkey😂

  • MegaTrdi


     14 days ago

    Nice market. In Turkey you must bargin slow with tee 😂