February 2019 - Vlog/Journal (Part 1)

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, March 6, 2019
  • My February video journal for the fans who care to see my world. Apparently a lot happened in February, so I had to split the video into 2 parts. This is part 1
  • Source: https://youtu.be/mjOKKAUTlgo


  • Addison Mertz

    Addison Mertz

     2 months ago

    “I wanted to really crack the case wide fuckin open” lmao

  • Ramiro Belmares

    Ramiro Belmares

     2 months ago

    Your gf mostly looks like Margot Robbie and Anna Kendrick

  • Andrew Becker

    Andrew Becker

     3 months ago

    More dog adventures

  • LyricalXilence


     5 months ago

    Who is this Vanessa woman!!!!! I thought Jeremy and I had a thing!!!! My heart is broken
    Jeremy being a misogynist in 2019 just means your logical and rational.
    Edit: Amy Adams is ugly....Vanessa is prettier....despite her stealing my man.

  • Beauty_by_Jaz


     5 months ago

    Yo this is too funny!

  • Will B

    Will B

     5 months ago

    I love these so much!!! Keep doin em

  • Kevin Cifuentes

    Kevin Cifuentes

     5 months ago

    We need to see your personal collection of hot toys and what not

  • Psyclonus


     5 months ago

    It's nice to hear you speak in sentences that aren't chopped together.

  • F U

    F U

     5 months ago


  • Mr. Nobody

    Mr. Nobody

     5 months ago

    Dude I fucking love you but the fucking hair!!! Time for something new.

  • Justin Sane

    Justin Sane

     5 months ago

    Dude after watching this I kinda wanna have a beer with him and shit talk movies

  • David Ram

    David Ram

     5 months ago

    Why show/speak personal life? someone might take you out for fun /like in the jerk

  • Viewtiful Joe

    Viewtiful Joe

     5 months ago

    Braggy much

  • 4eva Dre Studios

    4eva Dre Studios

     6 months ago

    This is strange to see Jeremy in normal life kinda

  • 11ben1000


     6 months ago

    What those overgrown rats!?

  • David Edgar

    David Edgar

     6 months ago

    You act like Eastern WA doesn't exist.

  • batese anderson

    batese anderson

     6 months ago

    I like Jeremy and it's cool to have a girlfriend that has similar interests

  • ARottenMuffin


     6 months ago

    Ayy had to check for myself and looks like you lost that bet for captain marvel, somewhere around only 2.5% dislikes I think, so Vanessa was right on the money surprisingly, although I completely understand the reluctance thinking it would be 30% lol.



     6 months ago +5

    can you please just dress like the joker like animated series one for just 1 damn video im begging you dude make up and all or its not the same... JUST PLEASE?

  • Devon Lott

    Devon Lott

     6 months ago

    One Awesometacular couple 💘Jeremy💗 Vanessa!!!💘