The Curse of La Llorona - Movie Review

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  • Published on:  Friday, April 19, 2019
  • Another month, another horror movie. Here's my review of the movie that should have been released straight to tv, but wasn't. LA LLORONA!#TheCurseOfLaLlorona
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  • Carlos Arias

     2 months ago

    James Wan: we need you... thanks for Aquaman, but horror genre needs you desperately.


     1 months ago

    @Madalin Grama yOU SOO RIGHT

  • Charlie Aguilar

     1 months ago

    @Randomfools He's a more appropriate choice than David Gordon Green.

  • _focks

     2 months ago

    Worst part about these horror movies are the ads, 5 seconds just to blow out your speakers/headphones with a lousy jumpscare

  • AudioEntity584

     27 days ago

    Yup. The ad of 1xbet is loud

  • Sauron Merciful

     2 months ago

    It's incredibly sad horror movie directors only rely on jump scares and can't make real suspenseful terrifying horror movies with great film making an script

  • Mexlycan Lobo

     2 months ago

    The movie felt like eating at Taco Bell, I was expecting authentic Mexican flavor...... but naahhh we get artifical fake flavors.

  • Hector Arredondo

     15 days ago

    Mexlycan Lobo texmex food

  • Hurlumhura

     1 months ago

    If i am trash person, you are garbage ARE VENOM

  • Kimberly Maldonado

     2 months ago

    According to lore shes found near river banks. Why is she in a house? It would've been better in a different location outdoors in Mexico!

  • martin F

     1 months ago

    @Mac Sam la llorona illegaly snuck into the US just to haunt people.

  • Mac Sam

     1 months ago

    I totally agree! This movie would have been awesome if they set it in Mexico shortly after she killed her children and became the evil spirit! It would have been a great chance to showcase Mexican culture, how they deal with death, history, and stuff like that. I'm a white dude but my gf is Mexican and learning about this legend and Mexico's history from her has been really neat! Like in this film La Llorona leaves Latin America because...? Reasons? Why exactly? 🤔 American audience I guess.

  • Jimmy Fortuna-Peak

     2 months ago

    Knowing James wan will not be back for conjuring 3 is truly disheartening.

  • The Rolling Stoner

     1 months ago

    Jimmy Fortuna-PeakThe Conjuring 2 wasn’t even that good though

  • J. Professional

     1 months ago

    I knew this stupid mexican folklore was gonna fail. I bet a bunch of them went to see it with a bunch of pride. Fucking idiots

  • Color Positive Movies

     2 months ago

    Seems this was a missed opportunity. The legend is actually pretty creepy. Also, it should have been filmed in Mexico.


     25 days ago

    I agree after all what's the point of using a hispanic urban legend only for 95% of the movie to take place in the states?

  • knightace2002

     a months ago

    @lil kang Reason they didn't was international interest. Movie has to be played across the globe to count, otherwise it would be counted as a bollywood movie.I do agree though but with current political climate.....wouldn't be a wise choice at the moment.

  • niefali

     2 months ago

    After watching the haunting of hill house this ghost story is a snooze.

  • Hammond Denzel

     22 days ago

    Karan Dev. You're into modern stuff and usually modern movies are just a bunch of borrowed stuff from classic movies. Hereditary wasn't particularly scary but young ppl like u might find it shocking. It's not about a movie being outdated but rather how well made it was acting wise, direction, cinematography etc. It must tick all boxes. Unfortunately there are really a few of these movies that do so nowadays in that genre. Most don't but your generation will still like them coz you've got no other choic...

  • rocky 362

     23 days ago

    @Karan Dev ghost horrors are boring now. It's time for real thrillers like get out and us

  • Ratzen King

     2 months ago

    Hereditary, Get Out, A Quiet Place, Don't Breathe, It. We've had some good horror movies in the last couple of years.

  • Astro Dan

     5 days ago

    Ratzen King dont breathe was garbage

  • fvillag1

     17 days ago

    Do not say Get out was a good horror movie, it was insulting and boring.

  • Daniel Deliwe

     2 months ago

    His face when he said:"oh the back door" 😂🤣

  • Issa Secret

     2 months ago

    that was cute lol

  • Adrian Corday

     2 months ago

    lol, I replayed that part :P

  • Toxic Touch Productions

     2 months ago

    When a movie gets no advance screening, that means somethin

  • J. Professional

     1 months ago

    @Ghost actually no. All these stupid ass mexicans at work were all excited. That shit looks like shit within the first 10 seconds of the commercials

  • J. Professional

     1 months ago

    @Enzr LA fuck mexico