we're way too stupid to have the Elytra wings in Minecraft... ep 16

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  • Published on:  Sunday, August 18, 2019
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  • Dakota Layre

    Dakota Layre

     21 days ago

    It is French you dumbass I am sorry

  • Zion Games

    Zion Games

     a months ago

    Great thing start on the episode XD

  • Jonathan_ xplayz

    Jonathan_ xplayz

     a months ago

    8:43 How I feel when making a bridge in the nether

  • Hunter Blanchard

    Hunter Blanchard

     a months ago

    Heat seeking blasty blast

  • YT 4059

    YT 4059

     a months ago

    Pigs can finally fly....does that mean my dads comin home?

  • MrSpace Pug

    MrSpace Pug

     a months ago


  • HotRod Gaming

    HotRod Gaming

     a months ago


  • Syan_Blooger_YT 33

    Syan_Blooger_YT 33

     2 months ago

    Hey Alexa
    Alexa noises
    Switch name to Elytra
    Name switched to Elytra

  • Calum Wady

    Calum Wady

     2 months ago

    marcel sounds white to be fair

  • 10k subs With 1 video

    10k subs With 1 video

     2 months ago

    2:52 anyone else notice that marcel said nether and not end

  • Henry Soto

    Henry Soto

     2 months ago

    Dude i wish i had something to play Minecraft on 😭🙏

  • Slayerface 63816

    Slayerface 63816

     2 months ago


  • arend viking

    arend viking

     2 months ago

    I Love your vids

  • Efrain Anguiano

    Efrain Anguiano

     2 months ago

    The bang sanctum is a rip off the frick chamber

  • Kai Shockley

    Kai Shockley

     2 months ago

    Marcel keeps getting more bleached in each thumbnail

  • ibbin harris

    ibbin harris

     2 months ago

    You'llflot to you'll flot too YOU'LL FLOT TOO!!!!!!

  • a Indie Connoisseur

    a Indie Connoisseur

     3 months ago

    Who tf thought to make marcel white in th thumbnail

  • spiderman xoxo

    spiderman xoxo

     3 months ago

    Hey pigs can't fly but they can sure Glide

  • Kayleen Torres

    Kayleen Torres

     3 months ago


  • Grayson Walbeck

    Grayson Walbeck

     3 months ago

    Plzzzzz bring Ark Survival Evolved back