Ninja Claims Drake Used Him for Views...

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  • Published on:  Thursday, July 5, 2018
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  • Ryan Martinez

    Ryan Martinez

     7 hours ago

    I get that drake is more popular than ninja but those followers don’t accurately show how popular ninja is a lot of little kids watch and they don’t have instagram nevertheless twitter.I have also been watching ninja for a long time but ninja is just trying to change you just hate ninja cause he makes more money a month than you’ll ever make in your life

  • Freaky Froze

    Freaky Froze

     17 hours ago

    why would ninja watch you you not even fucking famous

  • Preaw Sica-chu

    Preaw Sica-chu

     18 hours ago

    sure, he think he is world famouse or what=? a lil bit too full of himself ...drake he is well know world wide...while ninja is knowing only to the Gamers(and nope not all Gamers but fortnite fanbase). ….outside of fortnite=? who is that guy? while drake is known by his Music...

  • John Marat

    John Marat

     19 hours ago

    This video sums up the very reason I stopped watching Ninja

  • Sub Bot

    Sub Bot


    But he only got popular after he played with drake >-<

  • unknown guy

    unknown guy


    drake dont need ninja hes already more famous then him every one who knows ninja probably(actually defenitly) knew drake before ninja was even relevant

  • twes619



    I never knew who Drake was until he used Ninja for views...... Said absolutely nobody ever on planet Earth.

  • _Zerolimits_



    11:41 not gonna lie I miss this part of ninja, very entertaining, now he is as bland as shit.

  • 문영Moonyoung



    The last part got me good

  • JoshAllwoodGames



    I love how he tries saying drake is using him for views

  • Steven Moutoux

    Steven Moutoux


    birdman your savage asf. you just earned a sub.

  • Despacito Default

    Despacito Default


    Either way, this doesn’t make drake any less of a piece of shit.

  • CIA Director

    CIA Director


    lol that end clip.. the irony is too much

  • Tyrrie Kirkland

    Tyrrie Kirkland

     yesterday +1

    damn he going to ninja like that LOL LMAO

  • WolfieGaming



    4:19 his no synced with his character

  • Dragon Duude

    Dragon Duude


    You used Ninja to get views...

  • Avery Thegoat

    Avery Thegoat

     yesterday +1


  • MTG. 600

    MTG. 600

     yesterday +1


  • MTG. 600

    MTG. 600


    All the dislikes are triggered 9 year old ninja fans🤣🤣

  • Voltage Gd&more

    Voltage Gd&more

     2 days ago

    Ninja deserved it