Andre Drummond Is a 3 POINT SHOOTER Now!? Shows Off New Range & Drops 50 BALL At Miami Pro League

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  • Published on:  Friday, August 9, 2019
  • Big bro Andre Drummond pulled up to the Miami Pro League with James Johnson and went crazy. Showed off his new three point range and dropped 53 points! Check out the vid for full highlights!
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  • Duwayne Sy

    Duwayne Sy

     14 days ago

    if only he could hit freethrows

  • Hereforthedubs


     a months ago

    They said this last year.

  • Ross JP

    Ross JP

     a months ago


  • Brian Perez

    Brian Perez

     a months ago +1

    So nobody's gona say anything about how draymond got extensions

  • Dee Jay

    Dee Jay

     a months ago

    Does he have to showboat after EVERY play? I hate that shit...



     a months ago

    Ppl think these centers can’t shoot but it’s the nba. They tell players to play a role and they do. Hassan Whiteside can shoot the 3 also just isn’t allowed to in the team he played for. Drummond the same

  • mightdai


     a months ago

    None of em ain’t tryna guard johnson lmao

  • RodorDieBeatz Entertainment

    RodorDieBeatz Entertainment

     a months ago

    Just like it was a mental thing at the free throw for Andre it’s the same with threes he just need to be confident

  • stefaaaan1820


     a months ago

    I think he could be a 75 % ft shooter if he keeps working hard .

  • Detroit Native

    Detroit Native

     a months ago

    Drummond u trash bro where is that in the finals?

  • Lakersyoungcoreareaverage playersatbest

    Lakersyoungcoreareaverage playersatbest

     a months ago +4

    He could always shoot since his highschool days. The problem is a nba game is a different situation and the pace will ware him out too much to shoot consistently

  • Kevin Vo

    Kevin Vo

     a months ago +1

    james johnson and drummond as teamates. what lol

  • danny tran

    danny tran

     a months ago

    Andre Drummond should learn how to shoot free throws first!!

  • Privacy Matters

    Privacy Matters

     a months ago

    Around :58 mark the dude carries the ball twice and then travels but no refs chose to use their whistles?? 🤣 😂

  • Bryont Brown

    Bryont Brown

     2 months ago +5

    I saw him play in person. He was making 3's while he was warming up after halftime. Shooting isn't his role.

  • Aaron Staten

    Aaron Staten

     2 months ago

    Andre game has not really developed and hes been in the league long enough. Hes a big Kid the Pistons tore him off that huge check and he been snoozing every since.

  • say hello to my little friend

    say hello to my little friend

     2 months ago +4

    So he prefer play In this shit than to play a world Cup? I don't understand how American thinks

  • Overrated230


     2 months ago +2

    I don’t know why Drummond shooting threes Detroit not letting him shoot those

  • Maysting360


     2 months ago

    He would never attempt a three in a NBA game the coach would get on his ass



     2 months ago

    If the coach give him the green light it will be scary.