Kpop Idols C0NTROVERSIAL Outfits

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  • Published on:  Saturday, August 10, 2019
  • Kpop Idols C0NTROVERSIAL Outfits

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    This video is about all the times K-Pop idols wore c0ntroversial outfits.
    This video does not include any of my opinions

    We make informational & opinion videos about Kpop,everything from the entertainment point of view, music to behind the scene. Our aim is to spread korean music and be a guide for new Kpop fans while also bringing back the history of Kpop for older fans.

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  • Kpop Corn

    Kpop Corn

     3 months ago +445

    This is part two of my mini outfit series. Part 1 -
    None of these reflect my opinion.
    I apologise for my audio, I’m new to voiceovers but hopefully I’ll improve. I also got a new mic which should be louder and more clear (fingers cross)

  • Gale


     54 minutes ago

    I didn't know about "The Rising Sun" flag or it being a sensitive topic. I ignorantely believe it was a graphic marketing desing used in Japanese merchandise (not that I own anything like that either). This is why I don't come at people when they mess up with things like that. It is si posible to know everything about different cultures and their history. You live and get educated day by day.

  • A.R.M.Y  Forever

    A.R.M.Y Forever

     11 hours ago +1

    Outfits are made for everyone to wear got7 got vests and I do to so am I copying them if I wear mines to?? Idols wear clothes and fans buy them are they copying them to just for wearing to go out or for videos?? Idols also share clothes

  • look atme

    look atme

     18 hours ago

    so many butthurt people smh

  • th k

    th k

     20 hours ago +1

    hate to say it but, k pop is constantly disrespecting native americans/indigenous people. they should not be wearing their traditional clothing. especially for halloween. do idols not know that they also have indigenous fans?

  • Niko K

    Niko K

     22 hours ago +3

    Meanwhile Hyuna is turning her panties into a green screen.

  • amazing people

    amazing people


    anyone can have any outfits. How can it be a COPY-innggggg stuff

  • Wei Jing Ow

    Wei Jing Ow


    i see why jungkook likes plain white shirts now..

  • Faduma Shirdon

    Faduma Shirdon

     2 days ago

    9:23 Diapers inappropriate if they had a brain it's actually the least inappropriate

  • Faduma Shirdon

    Faduma Shirdon

     2 days ago

    6:08 barely any clothes on seriously are they blind do they have no eyes they're literally wearing clothes and that's a dumb reason to ban blackpink If anything the people who dance with barely any clothes on is Nicki Minaj and cardi b

  • wassup v

    wassup v

     2 days ago

    That plagiarism thing, I think it's normally to wear something that is same. It's a fashion that we can follow.

  • Faduma Shirdon

    Faduma Shirdon

     2 days ago

    4:53 oh my girl copied jennie that's hard to believe because oh my girl debuted in 2015 if anything it's basically the stylists fault

  • yin莹


     2 days ago

    Poor idols

  • Kanari Aoi

    Kanari Aoi

     2 days ago

    Seriously ?? Boy group can show their abs and girls get controversial over that ??? I mean, atleast they don't wear meat clothing, cover nipple only clothes or any clothing without an under shorts or bra.

  • gcfjia


     3 days ago +1

    2:37 do they even know how russian people look like?? lmao nonsense

  • Luggage Lost

    Luggage Lost

     3 days ago +2

    imagine being angry over a shirt that supports women who were forced into sexual slavery make it make sense

  • j1sun


     3 days ago

    sunmi’s such a bad bitch

  • Anastasia Mursanto

    Anastasia Mursanto

     4 days ago

    Ironic how Japan is angry about so many things in the past but refused to admit that they colonized my country and used my country's women as comfort women. No no no, they were "helping" my country.

  • XX XX

    XX XX

     4 days ago

    Gfriend outfit was definitely the most stupid hate I mean they just wore the outfits for the photoshop and while they also got support from the company that own the clothes and the haters was keep on reply reply non stop so they can complain about gfriend hah nice try

  • zenaida rodriguez

    zenaida rodriguez

     5 days ago

    lisa gets so much hate for being THAI. she’s beautiful and an attractive woman. not only that, she’s extremely talented, kind, and humble. these people have nothing better to do.