BYE LaQuisha | Season 8 Reunion | Part 2

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  • Published on:  Thursday, October 17, 2019
  • #BBW #Basketballwives


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  • Shana Smith

    Shana Smith

     4 days ago

    Girl you crazy😲, yo re-inactment on fleek. That's how it done.💯😜👍

  • TheArtofBeingReacts


     14 days ago

    Chile I was here for Jennifer's "I'm Good." Lol I had to rewind!!! Great show! 🌻Yas!
    Boycotting next season, cause Shaunie is making my head hurt (she does not realize how LA stuck up she done got)! I only like Jackie (and yes Jackie really was trying to make peace..for now lol...)

  • Dionne Hook

    Dionne Hook

     14 days ago

    Damn gurl what reunion were YOU watchin?? I wanna see THAT one bcz the one i saw was similar but waaaayyyyy more boring. Lol.

  • Ronesha Holloway

    Ronesha Holloway

     14 days ago


  • shannon stiles

    shannon stiles

     14 days ago

    😂😂😂😂😂 you got a new follower bc you are killing ME

  • Efrain Rivera

    Efrain Rivera

     21 days ago

    Look I like your you tube channel you are funny but honest and straight forward with the reunion should be hosting that show.mark was just there for trying To be funny but mark has to understand Evelyn only like player’s d**ks and mark has non of that in him

  • Healing Self

    Healing Self

     21 days ago

    Im here for YOU...ok cus You have the most honest review on👀 the net...everybody else tip toeing..🤣.you nailed it! 😎 #newsub

  • Dag Love

    Dag Love

     21 days ago

    you so funny wanna see more commentary of yours. You read their mind as million of the people read the ir simple mind .OG is very smart and very intellectual she's like Albert Einstein figure to the group lol

  • Red Bottoms

    Red Bottoms

     21 days ago

    How evelyn gone be mad at og for talking to chad but failed to forget when she was talking to tamis ex on season 3-4 😂 BITCH BYE and yes shaunie treated og different because shes darker CANCLE THE SHOW



     21 days ago

    I just seen you where have you been. Love it you got me cracking up 😂

  • The Fernandes Way

    The Fernandes Way

     21 days ago

    You. Are. Hilarious!!!!! When you said ‘bidi bidi bum bum’, I died!!!! New subscriber!!! I loved everything about this! I agreed with everything.

  • Carlena Williams

    Carlena Williams

     21 days ago

    Two people can come into agreement and LIE all day. I've had it happen to me

  • Carlena Williams

    Carlena Williams

     21 days ago

    Shaunie know what's going on with here nasty ass

  • Sammy Sosa

    Sammy Sosa

     21 days ago +2

    Sis when you said “lemme tell you what’s longer than a CVS receipt” I automatically patted my cat like EV did LMAO!!!!! Yessss RINGGG HER ASSSS

  • Shannon Stewart

    Shannon Stewart

     21 days ago

    you are spot on

  • SPF Sincerely

    SPF Sincerely

     21 days ago

    Jami bust that Selena on that ass😂😂😂😂”a biddy biddy bum bum” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Lynn Lincoln

    Lynn Lincoln

     21 days ago

    This girl had me cracking up! 😂 😂 Bitty bitty bom bom! 😂 😂 😂

  • Adama Koroma

    Adama Koroma

     21 days ago

    Shaunie need to get off the show and stay behind the scenes she's looking like an ass out here 😣.

  • Nadia Dale

    Nadia Dale

     21 days ago

    I watched this a few times, this is funny AF. I love your review

  • Musukuda Tambedou

    Musukuda Tambedou

     21 days ago

    Evelyn think she can free from this she has been doing this stitch since she bullied Jennifer she wanted to try Ress but but no way baby everybody knows you're a ass hole ple stop this nonsense og is from Africa she teaches you a lesson never try it again bitch