Top 10 Things Bohemian Rhapsody Got Factually Right and Wrong

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  • Published on:  Monday, November 26, 2018
  • Top 10 Things Bohemian Rhapsody Got Factually Right and Wrong
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    For a biopic, the facts were certainly scattershot. For this list, we’ll be looking at which moments from the 2018 Queen biopic were based on reality and which were fictionally dramatized for the screen. Join WatchMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Things Bohemian Rhapsody Got Factually Right and Wrong.

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    10) Freddie Credited His Extra Teeth for His Voice
    9) Queen Sold Their Touring Van to Produce Their Debut Album
    8) The Band Clashed with a Record Executive Named Ray Foster
    7) Freddie & Mary’s Relationship Lasted Throughout Freddie’s Life
    6) ‘We Will Rock You’ Was Written in the ‘80s
    5) John Deacon Was the Band’s Original Bassist
    4) Freddie Knew He Was HIV Positive Before Live Aid
    3, 2 & 1???

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  • Matthew Zuleta

    Matthew Zuleta

     44 minutes ago

    Shut up what mojo

  • Ravie Peak

    Ravie Peak

     an hour ago

    They didn’t change Roger Taylor’s hair through the years 😂

  • A Parcell

    A Parcell

     2 hours ago

    Rami Malek is my baby.

  • hith7


     2 hours ago

    Critics have to be so specific. Us real queen fans really don’t care

  • Ashley Dunnett

    Ashley Dunnett

     3 hours ago

    omg if you can go see the movie please do you will not regret it

  • Roth Wood

    Roth Wood

     5 hours ago

    Rami Malek doesn't looks like Freddie AT ALL !!!

  • mp b

    mp b

     8 hours ago

    In de movie they didn’t split up.

  • Kx RV66

    Kx RV66

     10 hours ago

    The artistic license differences from reality we different than many biopics where certain details may not be known. I throughly enjoyed the movie, but several times found myself questioning the timing and sequence of things based on my historical recollections and having previously watched several Queen documentaries on YouTube.
    The hardest one for me to swallow was the timing of Mercury’s HIV/Aids diagnosis relative to LiveAid. Thanks for confirming.

  • AngryDuck46


     13 hours ago

    Shame the writers and Director had to mess with the truth. Cannot understand why they wouldn't just represent the band as their story was! Makes you wonder how they get away with it. Makes the movie less impressive now.

  • Outro Tear

    Outro Tear

     16 hours ago

    some of the things you're stating here made me think you didn't watch the movie or didn't get 50% of the events that happened in it lmaaaaaao

  • Paupers Budget

    Paupers Budget

     16 hours ago

    So you just couldn't resist could you. Take a good movie although not very factual and rip it to shreds. I loved it even though I knew most of it was pure shit.

  • Emily J.

    Emily J.

     21 hours ago

    Just so you guys know, the movie was not meant to be a documentary. It's a biopic, and some of the informantion was changed/made up for symbolic purposes and entertainment purposes. Some of the language used in this video (i.e. describing certain aspects of the film as "nonsensical" or there for "seemingly no reason") seems to imply that the team at WatchMojo was expecting a film that doesnt diverge from Queen's story at all, whether it be for storytelling purposes or not. Brian May and Roger Taylor both oversaw the film-making process and I'm sure that if they were unhappy with anything they'd speak up. Freddie's character was portrayed perfectly in the film, down to his very mannerisms. The movie was amazing, through and through.

  • Albert Lecter

    Albert Lecter

     22 hours ago

    This is rare .....a good watchmojo video its been a while.

  • James Lambert

    James Lambert

     23 hours ago

    Is the actor who portrays Fred Mercury gay, and if not, how is that possible?

  • Anthony Singh

    Anthony Singh

     23 hours ago

    The way Freddie met Mary Austin was also false. They were actually introduced by Brian May. But I still loved the movie :D

  • Stella Lala

    Stella Lala


    Watched it three times, gonna watch it today again💗💗😂

  • Angie Freedle

    Angie Freedle


    7. Fake

  • Returning Shadow

    Returning Shadow


    And after Live Aid came the Highlander soundtrack thus the band stayed together until Freddie's death. After his death John Deacon pretty much decided to retire but came back three times through the 90s to join up for a couple tours including Freddie's Tribute tour. After that he was done.

  • Aidan Cook

    Aidan Cook


    In the movie, Rodger Talor looked like kurt cobain kinda

  • Vollodo



    Do ou realize that 1977 are 80´, right? At least in my language