How to Fix: Rust Bubble Under Paint from a Rock Chip Around WIndshield

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 22, 2019
  • This all started with a stone chip in the paint and overtime, the exposed metal rusted and has bubbled beneath the surrounding paint. This is what happens if rock chips are left alone, so cover up chips with touch up paint as soon as you see them.
    This chip got really bad and the rust has spread, causing the surrounding paint to bubble. Today I'll strip it down, fill the pitted areas with body filler and prime & paint the repair area to blend in with the original OEM paint on the rest of the roof.

    Here's a list of products that I used:
    • Wax & Grease Remover
    • Blue shop towels
    • Q-tips
    • Wire wheel brush
    • Automotive masking tape
    • Cargroom Cream body filler, hardener
    • Mixing board & Spreader
    • Dura-Block sanding block
    • Sand paper: 80, 180, 320, 400, 600 Grit
    • Cargroom spot putty
    • Duplicolor self etching primer
    • Duplicolor filler primer
    • Duplicolor Perfect Match paint
    • Duplicolor Lacquer Clear Coat
    • Tack Cloth
    • Orbital buffer & terry cloth pad
    • Meguiars light cutting compound/polish

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  • Tim Shawn

    Tim Shawn

     a months ago +12

    Great video for a simple quick clean up of a spot as you said it is a quick for a simple fix not a masterpiece show car.

    I'm sure if you wanted you could have put a rust converter over the bare then some self etching primer body filler then the other. But then you would have had to call it more than a simple repair LOL great job Toyota would be proud keeping another great vehicle lasting longer

  • Shadow ll Steveo

    Shadow ll Steveo

     an hour ago

    Number one never put filler on bare metal and you jumped 200 grit always 100 grit jumps to fully remove scratches filler always applied after area has been sealed with primer filler will expand and crack always to bare steel because it condensates heat and cold causes filler to crack bad example for that repair video I went to school for this do it right when showing people

  • Mark T

    Mark T

     yesterday +1

    Simple good straight forward ! Thx



     yesterday +1

    Great video dude!! Thanks for share!! 👍👍

  • Duke Ster

    Duke Ster

     2 days ago +1

    Dude, YOU ARE A SAINT! We were recently ripped off by a Gypsy "Dent Fixer". These assholes come down to S. Florida when the snow birds ( winter residents) return.
    They spot a car with dents and get our attention, pull over where they offer a Deal on fixing the dents ..Immediately, at where ever we can both pull over into a parking lot. Then they proceed to do a terrible job and are paid, and off into the wind.
    My elderly female neighbor was hit yesterday to the tune of $900, yes that's $900 !! and the job was pure crap. Now she is stuck with looking for someone to fix the Gypsy body man's bad job. By the way we live in a mobile home community for 55 years + and as he was working another Gypsy drove by with flyers for roofing work. I heard them speak briefly in a language unknown to me. Previously , thinking Ritchie the Gypsy body man was Latino because of his dark skin, I spoke to him in Spanish and he admitted he didn't know Spanish.
    Anyway Ritchie quickly stopped the roofer from communicating and pushed him to drive quickly away.
    Since I was a retired roofer and told Ritchie as much, Ritchiie told me to throw the flyer away as the roofer was no good. Then I remarked that the roofer must have been a Gypsy and Ritchie agreed. I finally put it all together, why Ritchie said he had a rental pickup truck thereby leaving his business cards in his truck which was being fixed.

    I believe if he gave anyone a card he could be arrested for doing business w/o a license, a serious offence here in S. Fla since after Huge Hurricane "Andrew" destroyed much in 1985 where so many lost big money to Gypsy roofers.
    Now I feel I should try to track down Ritchie and get money returned for my neighbor.
    If you readers don't know much about Gypsy's , study them. Pure inbred bandits.

  • edsnotgod


     3 days ago +1

    So long as global warming increases exponentially, more paint is gonna melt and iron and steel gonna suck up oxygen til there's none left

  • لطيف البدري

    لطيف البدري

     4 days ago

    I am your follower from the Middle East specifically from Iraq What is the reason for the loss of torque of the car in the sense that it is not traveling at the same speed when the fifth spare speed decelerates gradually Thank you Regards

  • Poul Thomsen

    Poul Thomsen

     5 days ago

    Just a little basic knowledge: A steel brush like the one in the video is not a suitable tool to remove rust. They tend to polish the rust and not remove it.

  • Jamie Lacson

    Jamie Lacson

     6 days ago


  • Reddylion


     6 days ago




     6 days ago

    Yes can you paint my Bimmer?

  • peetre


     7 days ago +1

    Question #2. Dont body shops make some type of cord they wedge between the seal / body like you did with the qTip. What is that called and where do you get it? thanks again

  • peetre


     7 days ago +1

    Why do some cars have the clear coats dry and flake? My neighbor keeps his car outside like I do, and we both have the same year toyotas. thanks for video!

  • oscmailster


     7 days ago

    You dont blend clear coat only color

  • Greg Winfield

    Greg Winfield

     7 days ago +1

    awesome idea with the q tips or ear buds as we call em here in AU. thanks mate

  • Fergie Cam

    Fergie Cam

     7 days ago +1

    This was an excellent quality repair. Quality means adherence to specification, so while it may not be a top spec repair, it was well executed to meet that spec.



     7 days ago +1

    If the rust bubble gets so bad that it starts leaking water into the cabin is that now considered beyond this type of repair?

  • mint jelly

    mint jelly

     7 days ago +1

    I cant wait until i have a garage so i can strip my whole car and do this

  • J. J. springer

    J. J. springer

     7 days ago

    You didn't throw those nugget coupons out, did you?

  • David Carmichiel

    David Carmichiel

     7 days ago

    You buffed too early and had to redo it didn't you... looked like it cooked the paint off at the end of your buffing... Nice tv edit save though!! 😂😂😂

    Not bad for a 20/20 pj thow!!