Game of Thrones 5x09 "Dance of the Dragons" (PART 2) Reaction

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  • Published on:  Sunday, May 28, 2017
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  • Jonathan Lindsey

    Jonathan Lindsey

     2 months ago

    i loved the look on tyrions face as drogon flew away with Dany.... that “I AM FOLLOWING HER ANYWHERE AND EVERYWHERE” lol

  • Philly Sports!

    Philly Sports!

     6 months ago

    The way you get them to follow a coward who kills his own daughter is through fear and force. If hed do that to his lil girl what would he do to you???

  • piscisjo


     7 months ago +1

    I have say this before to u. I adore ur reactions

  • phj223


     9 months ago +1

    I figured she flew away to save Drogon, since he wouldn't have left without her and the golden masks kept throwing spears at him. But mm yeah you gotta figure Tyrion and the rest going "k thx".

  • Cyr1us Black

    Cyr1us Black

     a years ago

    Melhor cena da Série

  • Darren pat

    Darren pat

     a years ago

    9:45 Oh for fuck sake boy! Catch a grip! 😂

  • Zeynab Uthman

    Zeynab Uthman

     a years ago

    The reason she left was mainly to save Drogon. He would have died trying to defend her, and she knew that after she left it was no longer worth it to the Sons of the Harpy to keep throwing lives at the Unsullied since they wouldn’t eliminate their target anyway. They’d retreat. By removing herself Dany made the conflict not worth the price of continuing.

  • Fernando marques

    Fernando marques

     a years ago

    Parabéns pelos vídeos 👏👏👏

  • The Monkey

    The Monkey

     a years ago

    Same reaction like you man. Same same..
    Most powerful ending pure emotions

  • Stacey Lannigan

    Stacey Lannigan

     2 years ago

    All it took was watching this reaction video and I know all your other vids will be just as amazing so I've already subscribed and put your vid uploads on alert. :)

  • Selen


     2 years ago

    Your reactions are priceless!

  • 戦士Casper


     2 years ago

    Oh i love targeryens soundtrack ❤️

  • Raven24


     2 years ago

    the way I see it he came to see what was up because he smelled alot of blood, plus I like think there this is a telepathic connection between Dany and her dragons. Drogon decided hey mommy was in the direction of the blood so he comes flying over and he sees mommy being surrounded by all of the enemies, and was like mom is in danger she needs help. So he lands and starts fighting, and then of course he starts getting hurt but Daenrys realises that Drogon will not leave without her and would fight to the death. She had to choose right then and their and she chose her child to get him out of there. I see people bitching/complaining that oh she left her people there to do and no she didn't, the enemies were there for her and once she left and was gone then her enemies left and everyone else was fine. Then of course people will just complain for nothing, cause dany does the same thing because she knows that first has to get her child out and second she knew that her allies will be perfectly fine. Cause she knew just like in the books that if she left then the enemies will stop attacking and leave

  • Fun Tashy

    Fun Tashy

     2 years ago

    The death of Shireen. The most traumatic moment in the series for me. I was not sure I could go on after that. It is so absurdly unfair and perverted. That girl was nothing but good. The epitome of good. Stannis' men should have stood up against him. They didn't agree with that, you could see it on their faces. (Well you could see some of the faces.) This scene left me speechless, angry and heartbroken.

  • Rudolph


     2 years ago

    I hate daenerys

  • MissGreatBritian


     2 years ago +1

    Filmbuff recommended you and he was definitely right to do so. Love your reactions ♡ keep up the good work!

  • Andre G

    Andre G

     2 years ago +1

    Omg you are so adorable hugsss.

  • matilda


     2 years ago +1

    i feel like all the harpies only wanted to kill if dany went then they would give up

  • Maria Jose Olvera

    Maria Jose Olvera

     2 years ago


  • JohnnyxOh


     2 years ago

    Sons of the harpy should be like freedom fighter or whatever.. driving foreibg ruler out but they kille their own people all the time.