The Mind of Jake Paul - Series (My Thoughts)

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  • Published on:  Friday, October 19, 2018
  • Shane Dawson has brought us an 8 part series into the life, and mindset of one of Youtube's current controversial figures. I give you my thoughts on the series THE MIND OF JAKE PAUL!

    Start the series here:

    Start at part 4 to skip the "sociopath" speculation here:

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  • Maximiliano Zuñixtli

    Maximiliano Zuñixtli

     7 days ago

    I still dislike Jake Paul but it's a good objective take. I just don't see myself watching even though I'd actually be for more people like me but it's to damn long! 9 hours!?! At most 4.

  • A Tinity

    A Tinity

     1 months ago

    What are you talking about? Jake Paul has built his whole empire on the gullibility of children. He's having seminars teaching other companies and businesses how to exploit the loopholes on the internet, just to target shows for kids that are nothing ads disguised as kids' shows. Oh and also he's encouraging kids to gamble. That's not something one does because they're young and stupid and they didn't think things through. Like boo-hoo, his life has been difficult, let's not be mad if he exploits children, wtf?

    It's pretty ironic that you're judging people who hate Jake Paul, but you watched one pretty manipulative documentary and just bought everything people said in it, and you are now encouraging others to think more critically? Take your own advice and actually take note on who Jake Paul really is. He's not just some dumb 20-year-old.

    Watch Nerd City. They take a pretty good look at his finances.

  • April Harmony

    April Harmony

     2 months ago

    This was a great review! Yes, I agree. It's so easy to throw hate at someone. I mean, it is b/c most ppl online feel as if they are invincible until they get caught up in something👈

  • Rodk Vic

    Rodk Vic

     4 months ago

    6:42 you sound Australian 😂😂

  • KweenOfNoize 214

    KweenOfNoize 214

     4 months ago

    I saved this in a playlist months ago and am just now watching...where can I find your old, "Dark" channel, because you mentioning it just made me so intrigued!! 😊💜✌🏻
    P.S. --- I had to pause and edit to prevent multiple comments, but I agree, I knew NOTHING about Jake Paul before Shane's series, but I was very interested from episode 1 to find out me crazy, but I love discovering different minds and why they work the way they do. I myself have severe depression and severe anxiety, and my brother has Bipolar Disorder and PTSD for reasons I don't feel the need to mention here, but I'm sure people can speculate. I am extremely interested in the mind and how it works the way it does and why people have certain reactions and disorders or illnesses related to what they have been through. My point is , I enjoyed your video so much, and truly respect your insight and "curiosity", or interest, if I may be so bold, into the human mind and how it is shaped through experiences and life in general, if that makes sense. If not just, THANK YOU!! I literally had to keep pausing and rewinding and rewatching this video. You approached it in a completely understandable way that I relate to. (And yes, I will truthfully admit, I skipped alot of the channels that were debating Shane's series on Jake Paul, but I appreciate the ones who really paid attention, and I can tell you are one of them!) I am officially a fan, subscribed, hit the bell icon, I cannot wait to watch more of your videos now! I love the concept of just having conversation and talking to people. That is so REAL, I wish where I was from (which is actually pretty liberal, but still somewhat conservative), that was more common, but it isn't really, and I truly hope one day we can all just talk freely about our feelings, our fears, our anxieties, our rage, our subconscious feelings. I think it would help the people of this world so much to just TALK, no BS, just. "This is how I feel, have you ever felt this way, or not okay, what advice could you give me?" That in itself would change so much!! me crazy if you must...✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻



     4 months ago

    please review better call saul

  • Francisco Martinez

    Francisco Martinez

     6 months ago

    I'm not proud that it took all the effort that was this video for me to realize how shitty my younger self was to this channel. But now that time has passed, nothing but love for this channel. Not that the video is about that, just trying to spread some love.

  • Hapsetshut


     6 months ago

    Jermy can you be the next President?

  • Hapsetshut


     6 months ago

    Ok that women just described me and now I'm horrified

  • Able


     8 months ago

    The only real difference between Jake and us is that he was handed shit loads of money and publicity at a young age. If I won the lottery at 18 I'd probably do some messed up shit myself

  • Harvey Dent

    Harvey Dent

     8 months ago

    Count how many times Jake Paul says "Like" in his life

  • How Boutthat

    How Boutthat

     9 months ago +1

    When cancer in human form gets attention ,then gets a documentary,then gets a review.
    For fucks sake

  • Steven Zepeda

    Steven Zepeda

     9 months ago

    Refreshing to hear an opinion of jake Paul from someone who doesn’t really care enough to have a strong verdict.

    That being said, I know too much about jake to consider him as a good person.

  • cesar celaya

    cesar celaya

     9 months ago

    wow Johnny bravo really got weight 1:31

  • The Hh

    The Hh

     10 months ago

    9:47 😂

  • C Brown

    C Brown

     10 months ago

    You know your a youtuber also right?

  • Jim Mohammed

    Jim Mohammed

     10 months ago

    EP IC

  • Shadow Moses

    Shadow Moses

     10 months ago +1

    What kind of a therapist calls a mental illness "repulsive?"

    Seems extremely unprofessional to me

  • DJ cater

    DJ cater

     10 months ago

    Jeremy please sit on a long sharp pole

  • s bushido

    s bushido

     10 months ago

    Never understood why I'm supposed to care about the woes of vapid millionaires, to be honest. But if the people who do care get something out of it...more power to them.