Frozen Diet Meal Taste Test

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, January 23, 2018
  • Can frozen meals be healthy AND tasty? We taste test meals from Amy's Kitchen to Lean Cuisine to find out. GMM #1259.1
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  • Sharjela Dalidig

    Sharjela Dalidig

     12 months ago +2328

    *nice touch with the BIG MICROWAVE at the background 🤣*

  • Rachel D

    Rachel D

     4 days ago

    The most expensive option (Amy's) usually tastes way better in my opinion

  • Tika Anderson

    Tika Anderson

     4 days ago

    I hate the noise of the fork going into the foam...

  • Shiloh Blake

    Shiloh Blake

     5 days ago

    Aw, come on! The sweet sesame chicken is good!

  • Megan Garcia

    Megan Garcia

     6 days ago

    Hahaha u guys dissed Amys the whole time but then u said "mmm its not bad"....eye roll. Lol

  • Megan Garcia

    Megan Garcia

     6 days ago

    I love amys. It is delicious!

  • lellim


     6 days ago

    “It looks like... a ghost took a crap in a tv dinner”
    Sure...ghost crap...

  • Scott Welborn

    Scott Welborn

     6 days ago

    Loved how you could see Link about to lose his stuff when Rhett was tilting the Atkins and it was about to spill

  • Kelvin Estevez

    Kelvin Estevez

     6 days ago

    I love these guys but i hate how link eats



     7 days ago

    Amy's is the only frozen meal that contain actual real food

  • Etasha Boo

    Etasha Boo

     9 days ago

    That pizza looks nasty XD

  • Tim Richards

    Tim Richards

     10 days ago

    Lean cuisine
    macaroni & beef
    slice of bread and butter. AMAZING.

  • iMRM.1472


     10 days ago

    Ima keep it real, all those meals looked better than that deep shit pizza

  • Eric Smith

    Eric Smith

     10 days ago

    I’ve already seen this episode.

  • Peth K

    Peth K

     10 days ago

    Poor Link xD

  • MrCorvusC


     10 days ago

    No idea why mushrooms often included in these "healthy" meals. They are some of the least nutritious things out there, with very few calories. Sure, they won't make you fat. But what you are looking for in a good diet product is high nutritional density per calorie. It's hard to imagine a product worse in that regard. Perhaps drinking just water would match it :D On the other hand mushrooms are delicious...

  • Jacen Justice

    Jacen Justice

     11 days ago

    They didn't stir either of those midway through cooking. I eat evol a lot, but yours looked disgusting.

  • Stephan Katsikas

    Stephan Katsikas

     11 days ago

    That’s a really huge microwave 😂

  • Figuring It Out

    Figuring It Out

     12 days ago

    The best part is that's not a laugh track it's the GMM squad lmao

  • PotterFreak22


     13 days ago

    2:44 Oh come on guys! The Healthy Choice Sweet Sesame Chicken is one of my favorites! 4:03 Really Link? Those pizzas are pretty good for my taste but I will agree that is NOT what a Margarita pizza should look like. The Atkins just looked gross! It's not even close to what it looks like on the box! At least with Healthy Choice & Lean Cuisine you know what you're getting! There is absolutely no freaking way that little piece of lasagna (if you can call it that) has 39g of protein & would fill you up.